Born on 25th May 1980, Terra Jole is one of the popular actresses in America. She, being a diminutive actress made her debut in acting is a short film.

Apart from being an actress, she is also an eminent television producer. The pretty actress got her popularity by starring in ‘Little Women’ which is a reality series. Hence, she has been accumulating a lot of net worth since long now, approximately about 15 years.

However, it is striking to note that the pretty lady has dwarfism while standing 4’2” tall.

She had begun her professional career in the year 2001 and was a part of a wide array of projects. She is better recognized as ‘Mini Britney’ along with impersonations of ‘Mini Ganga’.

She has further featured herself in a wide array of tours which include ‘Twizted Tour’ and with ‘World Tour’ of Miley Cyrus. For the ‘Little Women’, she is also executive producer of the series. She is born in Texas in the Town of Comal County. However, the actress currently resides in California.

She has been married to a co-star of ‘Little Women’ Joe Gnoffo who is also a dwarfism after having a long relationship. S

he got married in the year 2015. The couple was then gifted with a beautiful together named Penelope. She even releases her very own song called Booty Bee in the year 2014.

She earned her fame by starring in ‘Little Women’ and since then there was no turning back. The series is an extremely successful one, gaining high ratings.

She had even documented her own very first pregnancy. Apart from the series, she has made an appearance in a wide array of television series. Her appearances in so many series have made her earn the huge net worth that she is a proud owner of.

She has also showed herself up in many documentary films which have had a good watching rate.

The fourth season of the famous series ‘Little Women’ started in January 2016 which she is also an executive producer of. Hence, undoubtedly all of these added to her net worth.

Terra Jole has achieved an estimated net worth of $500 thousand dollars.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Terra Jole

Date of birth: 25th May, 1980

Birth place: Comal County, Texas, United States

Age: 39 years

Profession: American actress, Executive Producer, Singer

Height: 4’2”

Weight: 2,721 kg

Net worth: $500 thousand dollars