Brayden Wheeler also known as The campingrusher. He is also known as rusher. He is a renowned social media star, especially in the You Tube. He is known for his Vlogs, the videos from the real life of his.

He has also succeeded in gaining about 700,000s of subscribers to his Vlogs. Thus this young vlogger has an estimated net worth of about $350,000. He was born on February 5, 1997.

He also earns huge amount of money through the advertisements. He is associated with a number of famous YouTubers, Ryan Blystone, and Mitchell Straub and so on.

Some of the popular videos uploaded by Brayden Wheeler are from Funny Videos, Minecraft etc. His Minecraft Let’s Play videos has become very popular and was the post which had received large number of views.

He has created his first YouTube video in the year 2011 and his first video on gaming was named as Minecraft Mansion plus DIVING BOARD, in 2011, July 20th.

He hails from Canada, and has a younger brother named Rylan and also one younger sister. He is also associated with Cube Group and is involved in UHC, Cube Evolution and Cube SMP. He is also known for the series, Faction.

His channel has about 650,000 subscribers. He also post prank videos other than his Vlogs. Brayden associates with MrMitch361 and ChildDolphin. The series, named faction is one amongst the best of the trio. His full name is Born Brayden Wheeler.

The main content of his videos were in SMP which was done with a group named as Cube. The group Cube consists of some of Brayden Wheeler’s best friends like Bayani and Graser10. He became more and more famous through his series, Faction. The series Faction is being hosted in his server named as Archon and the series has episodes of about 500.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Brayden Wheeler

Date of birth: February 5, 1997

Birth place: Canada

Age: 19

Profession: Internet Personality

Height: 5 feet 11 inch

Weight: 65 Kg

Net worth: $350,000

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