Tyreke Evans is an American pro basketball player now positioned as a shooting guard for New Orleans Pelicans.

Early years

He was born on September 19, 1989 in Chester, Pennsylvania. He grew up with his three brothers and until today he is very close to them.

Career development

He attended the  American Christian School in Aston and after just one year he was spotted as a great basketball player. After that, he chose the University of Memphis to continue his sporting career. He became a guard for the Tigers and soon after he was named as The Rookie of the Week in the South Texas Conference.

In 2009 he declared himself for the NBA draft and ended up with Sacramento Kings as their fourth choice. The same year he was chosen  for the Rookie of the Year award.

Since then he was often being injured and missed a lot of games so in 2013 he joined  New Orleans Pelicans, a team he stills plays in. Now he is in a great shape , playing his best.

Personal  life

His brothers always supported him and watched over him when he was a kid. They have helped him to become the star he is. Although they have their own jobs they are very involved in Tyreke’s professional life. They are coaching him and trying to keep him in the right path. Since they are so closely connected to each other,  they call themselves the „Tyreke Team“.

In 2007 he  was involved in a rather strange episode, when he became a witness to murder commited by his own cousin Jamar Evans. Eventually Jamar pleaded  guilty and was convicted to a long prison sentence. This caused Tyreke’s name going all over the newspapers for months.

He was in a relationship with Angel Brinks, fashion designer and a reality TV star. They have a daughter together.

Philantropic work

Tyreke is trying to make a difference  in New Orleans so he organizes  a free VSP Tyreke Evans’ Basketball Camp for children. He emphasizes that children in families with lower incomes are underprivileged and need help . He plays  in local charity poker tournaments and even got VSP Vision Care to come to his town  and check children’s vision, because lot of them  don’t have health insurance.

Quick summary

Full name: Tyreke Jamir Evans

Date of Birth: September 19.1989

Birth Place: Chester, Pennsylvania

Profession: NBA Basketball Player

Age: 28

Height: 1,98 m

Weight: 100 kgs

Net Worth: $ 32 million