Tommy Sotomayor is an African American radio show host and a film producer.

His nicknames are Mr. Madness, TJ and Mr. Controversy.

Early years

He was born on December 11, 1975. In Atlanta, Georgia. He spent his early years in Atlanta and later he tried his luck by moving to Phoenix.

Career development

He is known for his appearances in A Fatherless America, On Point with Tomi Lahren and Tomi. A Fatherless America was filmed in 2017 and is a documentary about the lack of fathers in modern America. On point with Tomi Lahren was a news show hosted by Tomi Lahren an he was a guest there.

He has a lot of active YouTube channels where he oftenly posts videos that cause controversy among his viewers, but he also has about 15 channels which were shut down due to his breaking of YouTube’s terms & conditions.

His YouTube channel MrMadness, that he created  in 2012, is the most popular one, on which his videos and articles are mostly in a comedian stlye.

While going through his YouTube channel, it’s quite possible to run accross a petition against him. These petitions are regularly created with a  goal  to close down his channel and stope his hate speech. He always chooses topics from his very precise spectre of interests, mostly shocking and insulting news that trigger the nation. He often uses satir to mock politicians and society issues, and is oftenly being pointed at because it.

Sotomayor attracts public attention mostly by expressing his anger against black women. For example, one of his opinions is that single black mothers cause a lot of problems in America. Not only social, but also financial problems. The reason he hates them can be found in his personal life.

He ended up in jail, being guilty of not supporting his own child. Later he took the chance to use his populariy to revenge the alleged injustice mentioned above. His revenge resulted in him calling all black women by very rude and insensitive words and names.

Tommy is the host of a show  called Your World, My Views that airs on the radio. In 2015 he decided to film a comedy called „Drugs & Other Love“. The comedy is directed by Noah Applebaum and the main idea of the film is pretty controversial, like only Tommy would came up with. It is sure that he enjoys his popularity and being able to say whatever he wants without repercussions.

Personal life

He was a married man and has one daughter. He keeps his private life to himself, but is rumored to be gay.

Philantrophic work

Tommy is involved in fundraising, but sadly, only for himself. Somehow, he managed to raise thousands of dollars  for his YouTube channel and for producing and promoting his documentary „A Fatherless America“.

Quick summary

Full name: Thomas Jerome Harris

Date of Birth: December 11, 1975

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia

Age: 42

Profession: radio host, director, producer

Height: 180 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $2 million