David aka Young Buck is an eminent music producer hailing from the United States. He is famous for his numerous talents and is known for rapping abilities as well as his immense knowledge in the field of rap music.

He is quite good at making records and is also a successful entrepreneur running his record label known to people as “Cashville Records.” Darrell is also a core member of the famous hip-hop group G Unit, and his albums are appreciated by his fans.

His net worth though not declared clearly in estimated to be around 100 thousand dollars.  Though some net worth evaluating sites declare his net income to be around $ 250- 275 thousand dollars it is not clarified with adequate proofs. Darell aka Young Buck’s net worth is being evaluated still and is still under review.

Early life

David Darnell Brown is the birth name of Young Buck.  He was born on15th March 1981 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America. There is no such information about Young parentage. He has no such notable academic qualifications and from his early childhood has devoted himself to making some of the exclusive lyrics.  He was born in the city of Nashville and grew up in the association of several eminent rappers.

He was a bosom friend of Clay Coley who became a talented rapper afterward.  He was inspired by his friend’s decision of a career in the rap industry and moved on to follow his footsteps. But later it was known that he was jealous of his friend Cole, and by any means, he had to beat his friend by succeeding him. He was very stubborn with his aim and worked hard to achieve it.  He started making extraordinary rap numbers from the early age of 12 and also considered for his unique strategies of rap that made people around him spellbound.

He got associated with the UTP Records out of his ambitious nature. In the year 1995, he was fortunate to get an opportunity to make a performance with the title track “Baby.”  But being whimsical Young never thought twice before resigning from Cash Money Records.  He never canes up with any of his solo albums and soon after signing the contract with UTP Records, he signed with another association G Unit Records. He went for releasing2 of his most terrific rap albums titled “The Compilation and another one “Born To Be A Thug.”  Young Buck had also taken an active part in filmography.  Buck is not only considered to be an excellent rapper but also an outstanding film producer and an exemplary performer.


Young Buck was positive enough to lay the foundation stone of the record company Cashville Records. He came up with his outstanding debut album titled “Straight Outta Cashville” and was acknowledged worldwide. His efforts were appreciated by every single fan. Some notable works of the rapper include “Let Me In” and the most famous “Look at Me Now.”

He also got into collaboration before his release of “Get Rich or Die Trying.”  G Unit has played a crucial role in making him successful. The second album that he came up with was titled “Buck and the World.”

The album occupied the topmost rank in the Top R&B rate charts and was accredited number in the series of Hip-Hop Albums.  While he was working with UTP Records, he was fortunate enough to meet with 50 Cents, the eminent rapper hailing from New York.  He offered him the scope to get associated with G Unit Records that was an initiation under the brand name Interscope Records. The album “Beg For Mercy” was a real hit and the album gained immense momentum when almost over 6 million copies were sold off in its second week. It had been certified by the association RIAA with a Platinum accreditation.

In 2005, the rapper came up with his unique G Unit outfit. He was broadly welcomed and considered to be the newest member of the rap gang. On collaborating with the group, he came up with an excellent album namely “Get Rich or Die Trying.” But he soon entered into a feud with the famous gang G Unit. This had made him go through the severe financial trouble and also known for escaping an attempted drive.

He came up with a solely independent album titled “The Rehab” that was supposed to be a street album. It was his third album release declared officially on Real Talk Entertainment. It was such a wanted release that almost 7000 copies got sold in its first week of release.  After the release of “The Rehab,” Young Buck came up with no other albums.  In the year 2012, he declared that all the confusions had been sorted out with G-Unit and the duo has been looking forward to some creative production soon.

The rapper has been awarded MTV Music Awards for almost three times and has shown his brilliance in P. I. M. P. His best video trailer throughout the whole of his career is portrayed in “Stay Fly.” It was also considered to be the best rap video of the year 2004. He also got nominated for the famous and recognized BET Awards in the category of best group association in G Unit in the year 2004. He was nominated for Southern Entertainment Awards for almost seven times. He was appreciated there for his brilliant mixtapes that were released in the year 2010.  He not only got nominated for the respective years 2010 and 2013.

He also got nominated for the Ozone Awards in the year 2007. He got nominated for the category of best come back. Buck also got acclamation from Soul Train Music Awards and was considered to be the best R&B soul new performer from his brilliant performance depicted in G Unit. He has earned heavily from hos albums releases and his open performances in various musical concerts.

Young Buck is an open-minded man and has been clear enough to declare all his incomes like in his album “The Beauty of Independence” he earned about $ 15 thousand, from his album “Gang Injunction” in the year 2009, he has earned almost $7 thousand. On his collaboration with G Unit, he came up with “T. O. S” that earned him a heavy amount of $ 0.14 million. He earned a handful amount of money by releasing “T. I. P” in the year 2005.

The income reached a noticeable amount of $26 thousand in its very first week of release. He has even gone for several endorsements with many of the reputed companies and has invested in many of the big brands that are recognized by the mass. He has understood the procedures to get the key of success gets unlocked. He has been the former core member of the Hip Hop band UTP Playas.

Personal life

The eminent rapper was married to Tanee McCall long back. According to some authentic sources, the couple is proud parents of a girl child whom they named Jayla. The baby was born to them in the year 2003. He is the founder of the group CashvilleRecords and is an integral part of G Unit Group.

In 2003, the group came up with its first ever rap album titled “Beg for Mercy.” He is a down to earth person who known for his extreme benevolent nature.  He has put his best effort in what he has done and is filled with potentials. He gained enough appreciation in the field of acting as well.

Quick summary:

Full Name: David Darnell Brown

Date of Birth: 15th March 1981.

Birth Place: Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America.

Age: 37 Years Old

Profession: Rapper, music producer, and record producer.

Height: NA.

Weight: NA.

Net worth: $100 thousand. (Under Review)