MC Eiht Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

MC Eiht Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Aaron Tyler is known to people by his stage name MC Eiht. He hails from the city of Compton, California and is known for his raping abilities.  He has always composed his lyrical contexts based on his early life in Compton. He is a dedicated music admirer who started off his career with the association “Compton’s Most Wanted.”

He worked hard to get his group gets established worldwide. He is considered as the original rapping master by the young star Kendrick Lamar.  His net worth is estimated somewhere around an amount of 400 thousand dollars.

Early life

Aaron Tyler is the birth name of the rapper Aaron Tyler who was born on 22nd May 1971 in Augusta, Georgia, United States of America.  He was interested in making his career with rap music from his early childhood.

There is no such information available about his parentage or his academic qualifications.  He has fully devoted himself to making some of the exclusive hit numbers.  Eiht had seen the hard ways of life and had a disturbed childhood.

He was too small to remember when his parents started staying away from each other. Ge just knew that his father was a man of bohemian nature and left the family to get settled in Oklahoma. But his mother remained in Compton to raise her children.

He had to suffer because of his family’s poverty-stricken condition. But soon he understood that he could make his family come out of abject poverty if he joined some association to make a living.  MC joined a street association that dealt with drugs, but for his good lessons and upbringing, he soon realized that he must shun the bad practices and go for choosing some other options with which he can get established. Thus his realization made him abstained from the various illegal activities, and he made his way to write some beautiful lyrics.


Veteran West Coast rapper MC Eihtwas associated with the group that got recognized.  His compositions often got listed in the Billboard Charts, and finally, he came up with three albums with which he started off his solo career along with his team producer DJ Slip and came up with a solo number “Streight Up Menace.”  It was one of his best solo debut releases.  Then he came up with the release of his next solo series “We Come Strapped” that got listed on the Billboard’s R&B charts that were even accredited a gold certification. He got deeply involved with two other Disc Jockeys namely DJ Quick and the other one being DJ Premier and the famous youngster rapper Kendrick Lamar regarded him to be a master of rap music. After that he went for releasing three hit solo singles titled “One Time Gaffled,” “Hood Took Me Under” and “Growing Up in the Hood.”

He came with a most wanted Solo album that got its inspiration from the fabulous soundtrack “Menace II, Society.” It was an exclusive film where Eiht appeared.  Soon enough he signed with Sony-distributed Epic Street and came up with a full-length solo album titled “We Come Strapped.” The album reached the final top position on the Billboard Charts. His additional albums included some of the epic releases like “Death Threatz” and the other one namely “the Last Man Standing.”

In the year 2004, he came up with Veteran Day.  Henceforth he went on release, some of the exclusive solo record albums with CMW. In the year 2010, he went for featuring in the title track of Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid and the other one being “M. A. A. D City which got nominated for the prestigious Grammy Awards.

He also appeared in several films on the silver screen and played an exclusive role in John Singleton nominated film “Boyz N The Hood.”  The film got a critical acclamation from Hughes Brothers, but for his fabulous cameo role, he was awarded the First Annual SourceMagazine Award for an outstanding performance. Eiht came up with another hit compilation that consisted of the sound track “Tales from the Hood,” “New Jersey Drive Vol. 1” and many more notable efforts.

Personal life

MC Eiht seems to be a private person.  He has no rumors about his relationship status neither he goes into any controversies.  He leads a simple life writing songs and composing some of the brilliant rap numbers.

It is not known whether he is single or in a relationship with someone.  But most probably he is too busy to get into any relationship.  He remains busy with his career and simply has no time to fall in love.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Aaron Tyler

Date of Birth: 22nd May 1971

Birth Place: Augusta, Georgia, United States of America

Age: 47 Year Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches (Approx)

Weight: NA

Net worth: $400 Thousand


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