The world has been acquainted with Zeke Tenhoff by the much daring television reality serial “Bearing Sea Gold.” Zeke Tenehoff is an American TV star known for his diving and his dexterity as a gold digger in the sea.

He got in the news of media and became famous enough for his casting in the reality show which is viewed by the viewer of television throughout the world. So far Tenehoff had gathered not less than $125 thousand dollars as his accumulated net worth.

Early life

Zeke is actually Ezekial but got famous with the name of Zeke Tenehoff. Not much is known about Zeke’s early days. The world knows that is a boy of Alaska and was brought up in his native place where he born. It is heard that he hasn’t grown up as a normal child. Brought up by the eccentric parent and was perhaps not enrolled in some school for his education. It is quite obvious that the boy has to learn all about his life by himself.

Realizing he had to earn early otherwise days would be more rough and tough on him. After venturing into some jobs for some time, he finally started a business in the line of scouring gold when he was just twenty. With ‘The Clark’, his dredge, he ventured as there was a call from the Bearing Sea. Emily Reidel was a good friend of Zeke and to work together he offered Emily a job even though she was a novice.

Along with ‘The Clark’, Zeke got another vessel, ‘The Edge.’ ‘The Edge’ was later bought by his friend Emily and renamed the vessel as ‘The Eroica, ’ and as of now, she is the captain of that vessel.


If someone works hard with all sincerity and earnestness one day or the other that effort would be recognized by the world. Same thing happens in the life of Zeke. His venture in the water bodies has made an appeal to one of the prominent television channel. Discovery Channel had once seen Zeke with his crew member while they were digging gold in the sea. The Channel approached Zeke and declared they are going to run a series of a reality program on the line as his job. He accepted the offer and the foundation of ‘Bearing Sea Gold’ and with it ‘Bearing Sea Gold: Under The Ice’ was laid.

The show was highly praised by the viewers.  It was praised as the show has depicted the adventure of the real life of the gold miners in the sea had made an enormous change in the life of these gold miners. The story of ‘Bearing Sea Gold’ was basically to cover the life and its struggle of these gold miners along with some other miners who venture in Nome, Alaska. The viewer had watched Zeke and his members how they face the challenge of the sea with a tremendous courage for gold. They are all highly skilled diver and accomplished prospectors.

It is just not gold for whatever may be the value of the element that Zeke like a person would like to have. It’s all about the sea, water, adventure, relations, turmoil and basically the life that they enjoy.

Zeke has seen gold in the true sense and had also gone through some tough times with his girlfriend and partner. Both Emily and Glen LeBaron who was his partner had made their own ways. Instead of being in the same vessel they bought dredging vessels of their own and appeared in the same show. But Zeke had taken all these as a part of life and dived in the great depth of the sea explore some more plaster gold.

Personal life

Life was not kind to him, and with his dredge, Zeke drifted off to New Orleans. As the gold appears while exploring, Sarah Dunn emerged in his life. New hope appeared with his present love. Instead of having a food business in New Orleans Sarah shifted to Nome to be with the diver.

He is now called as the Gold Rush Alaska and is carrying the voyage for Blue Water Gold Company.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Tenhoff

Date of Birth: 1987

Birth Place: Alaska

Age: 30 years

Profession: Diver and Gold Digger

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $125,000