“Airplane Repo” a series telecasted by the Discovery Channel has introduced Mike Kennedy with the world. The Canadian repo has taken endeavor in the varied fields of adventure. He is already a wanted person in the television for his reality shows.

Along with it, he is also a zoologist, stuntman and marvelous pilot, who never hesitate to fly any aircraft. The various engagements have not only given him the joy but also accumulated wealth quite handsomely. His net worth is estimated to be in the range of $2 million.

Early life

Before Mike came to limelight, he has a lot of things to do. His interest basically revolves around some adventure, be it the snake or the stunt or to fly the plane high up in the sky. It is really tough to understand how Mike manages these occupations, which do not complement each other. There is hardly any resemblance of one with the other. What would the snake do in bike stunt or in flying the plane? But it is very much understandable the valiant, bold man does pick all daring occupations without any reservation.

A formal education is not enough to create such spirit which Mike has taken over. These heroes are born, they cannot be created. Sometime he would do something alone, and on the other time, he would ask some to join with particular expertise. Basically, he wants to accomplish his desired job. Perhaps one would find very few personalities as Mike Kennedy. Mike has an academic background in zoology. But quite astonishingly he endeavors as a bike stunt rider, fearless animal wrangler, even trade weapons and fly any aircraft at ease.


Today one can see on the Discovery Channel; Mike is busy flying half-broken aircraft or in some intimate companionship with his pet cobras. All these come up on “Airplane Repo,” which is particularly planned for the man. The viewers wait for the Friday nights to watch Mike with some of the other enterprising ventures.  The first episode of “Airplane Repo” was telecasted in 2011, then went off after the first season. Again because of the craze and inquiry the program came back in 2013, and it was believed that Kennedy had played a major role in the success of the series.

In the show, Mike is seen as repossessing planes. He is into this profession for more than twenty years. Apart from this repossession he also deals in weapon trading in which he delivers costly weapons to the military. Drug lords also come in contact with the man. He also engages himself with some exotic animals. It is revealed that after a rescue operation in Florida he has taken up some alligators. He also does some stunts for the welfare of the animals. The time is too short to perform all his desired action.

Mike has flown a hundred types of aircraft but mostly for one time. When he repossesses any craft, he does not even know whether proper maintenance has been done or what is the inspection status. He is not sure about the sabotaged; he gazes plane would fall off or blown up when he takes off. Many times when he was in some extreme remote South American region, he was even doubtful about how to open the door of the crashed aircraft. Otherwise, Mike, for the freight and also to fly the celebrities had sat upon the seat of the charter pilot.

Personal life

Recently Mike is staying in Orlando. There is no revelation from anyone about the personal life of Mike. But every single individual seeks relation and Mike find his relation in the bikes and snakes more than human perhaps.

He has Honda CRF450 for off-road, a Yamaha R1 for racing, a Ducati Monster for sports riding and a Harley Fat Boy to just put around. He has crocodiles, big cats and lot of venomous snakes. He takes care of all his animals with wholesome love. Take pleasure, every moment that he shares with them.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Mike Kennedy

Date of Birth: February, in the late 1950s

Birth Place: Canada

Age: Is in his sixties

Profession: Pilot, Television Showman, Animal Wrangler, Stuntman

Height: NA

Weight: 91 Kg

Net worth: $2 million