Paula White is an evangelistic pastor and a TV host.

Early years

She was born on April 20,1966. in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Her parents got separated when she was only five. Her mother took her and her brother to live in Memphis, away from their father.

Some time after her father comitted suicide not being able to cope with their departure.

Her mother became a heavy alchololic and they became very poor. However she managed to get married again in 1975., to an admiral, so they all moved to Washington because of his career.

She gratuated at Seneca Valley High School in Washington D.C.

Career development

In 1991. she and her husband Randy, who was a pastor, founded a church.

Today that church goes under the name „Without Walls International Church“.

Their congregation grew very quickly and in 2009. Paula herself became the senior pastor and divorced her husband Randy in a friendly manner.

In 2011. she left her pastor position in that church and her husband Randy returned to being a senior pastor.

Today she is not involved with this church she co-founded at all.

The 2011. was the same year she started her TV show called „Paula White Today“.

In 2012. she became the senior pastor for „New Destiny Christian Center settled in Florida“.

She is known to be a personal pastor to a lot of celebrities including Tyra Banks, late king of pop Michael Jackson and Darryl Strawberry, a former baseball star.

She founded „Paula White Ministrie“, a media ministry to get more interactive relationship with her followers.

She also has a website where she sells books, CD’s and DVD’s with religious content.

She is chairwoman of the „Evangelical Advisory Board“  to President Donald Trump and was chosen to be one of the pastors to lead a prayer at his inauguration.

In 2007. she was under the investigation by the Senate for suspicious fundraising but three  years later the investigation came to a dead end.

Many people believe she is not a true preacher because of her wealth and lifestyle.

Personal life

She converted to Christianity in 1984. after she gave birth to her only child, a son named Bradley, from  a short marriage with Dean Knight.

Her second husband was a preacher and evangelist Randy White.

Their marriage lasted until 2007.and they divorced in a friendly way.

Pastor Paula White is now married to Jonathan Cain, a musician, songwriter and a rocker who came from Chicago and is a part of a well-known music group called „The Journey“. They are together for two years now.

Philantropic work

She is involved in charities to provide food to the needy people  in the United States.

She donates big  amounts of money throughout the world to poor people and people in distress.

She received a lot of awards and honors including the Rosa Parks Award,  the Trumpet Award, and the Florida Governor’s award .

Quick summary

Full name: Paula Michelle White-Cain

Date of Birth: April 20,1966.

Birthplace: Tupelo, Mississippi

Age: 51

Height: 165 cm

Weight: unknown

Net Worth: $5 million