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In today’s article, we are going to learn more about a very famous American TV host called Juan Williams. This famous TV host has been welcoming the audience for years now and we got to know him through his many years on TV.

If you always wanted to know more about his life, his career and everything else that seems hidden so far, from the public eye, then keep on reading.

Early life

Juan Antonio Williams was born on April 10th in 1954 in a city in Panama. Juan comes from a very rich family background, when it comes to his descent and family heritage. His parents are mixed race, half West Indian and half Panamanians.

Juan often spoke about his descent and he said that he was proud of his heritage. He often spent time back in the home country, but the US is definitely his home for many years.

Juan finished the Oakwood School in New York and after finishing school he became a clerk in student body.

Besides being a good student, he also loved sports. Young Juan was excellent in football and enjoyed playing alongside his team mates. Besides being great at football, he was especially good at baseball and basketball.

Sports was his first love, but he knew that he wanted to do something else in his life, so he decided to get a degree in philosophy. He graduated from the Haverford College and got his degree there.

After finishing college, Juan had to make a big decision and think about the next step in life. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do in life, but he wanted to be famous and have a strong career in journalism.

This was his first love and he knew he is going to enjoy being a journalist. Therefore, every step he took in life was directed towards becoming that one day and being successful at what he does.

There isn’t anything else, known to public, when it comes to Juan’s early years, so we are going to continue on to his career and personal life.

Career path

Juan wanted to pursue a career in journalism, so he made the decision to sacrifice everything to succeed. One of the first bigger jobs he got was in the Washington Post. This was a big step for Juan and he was extremely proud of himself.

Juan wrote about the Supreme Court nominee Thomas, who allegedly sexually harassed Anita Hill in 1991. After defending Thomas, Williams received a lot of hate from the readers. Due to this scandal, he was forced to issue an apology to the readers because of his words.

The readers accepted his apology but he has always remained the one person who took a stand for someone who has done such a vial thing.

Even though he received negative publicity, Williams continued working for the Washington Post, and was a very successful journalist.

In the year 2000, he started working for the National Public Radio. He became a correspondent for the radio. This job came natural for him and he was excited to be a part of such a big and important radio program.

But, even though he proved to be a good journalist, he still had some issues. Due to his comments on the Muslim people and Muslim faith. Many took this as an insult, and the NPR had to terminate his contract with them, due to the fact that he broke the company policy and his speech was insulting.

Many took a stand and defended Williams because they thought his words were taken out of context, and his words weren’t published in the proper way. Because of that, he was defended by his fans but also people who looked at the situation objectively.

Williams is most famous for his work on the Fox Channel. He has been a valuable part of the team since 1997 and since then, Juan has covered many topics of conversation and transferred many news. He has been a part of the Fox News Sunday and Special Report with Bret Baier.

Being on one channel for such a long time, he also appeared in many other shows on the Fox News Channel. After Williams was fired from the NPR, he got a raise at Fox News and started becoming a regular guest at the O’Reilly show.

Many questioned why he got a raise, but Williams stated that he is not a liberal as many would like to be and that his actions will never be predictable as some would like them to be.

Williams was even asked by others if he sees himself ever becoming a Republican, to which he answered he could see himself since his sons are already Republicans.

For everything he has done so far and for extraordinary journalist work, Williams got two Emmy awards both for television documentaries.

Besides being in love with his job, Juan is a great writer. He wrote the book Eyes on the Prize and This Far by Faith.

Juan has written many articles for various newspapers and magazines. Some of them are Time, GQ, The New Republic and many others.

A 50th anniversary celebrations he spoke about the case between the Supreme Court and the board of education. He spoke about segregation a schools and other problems regarding that issue.

Williams has a net worth that is estimated around 2 million dollars. Most of the money he owns, comes from his stable job at the Fox News but also from various works he has done for many different News stations, newspapers and magazines.

Since he is coming close to the end of his career, he will probably take it easy from now on and enjoy his pension days.

After all, he definitely deserved a break after all the hard work he has done over the years.

Personal life

Juan William’s wife is called Susan Delise. The two of them got married in 1978 and the couple has two sons and one daughter. Their son’s names are Antonio and Raphael. Both of the sons are into politics, which is why Williams himself often comments on the current situation in the politics himself.

He even expressed a desire to maybe one day run for something himself. Williams is now a grandfather to two beautiful little girls. He has been very active when it comes to his alma mater, Haverford College. He is on the board of directors for the New York Civil Rights Coalition and is also in the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program.

His wife Delise is also a successful woman. As of recently, Juan was seen on the Kennedy Live show and also on the show Outnumbered. He made an appearance on total of nineteen episodes.

Like we already mentioned, Williams has been a great athlete and could have even made a name for himself in the sports industry, but he choose a different path.

Juan’s tenure with the NPR ended on October 20, 2010 because of his conservative views on The O’Reilly Factor which had contributed to a black audience uproar. Once Newsweek interviewed, he said: “I was upset at the thought of how personal it became.

I thought NPR committed an ad hominem attack on me. When I write about black community turmoil in their eyes, I’ve crossed the line in terms of being a good black man.

Juan and Delise Susan have been married since 1978. From their marriage they had 3 loving children. My two sons are Raphael and Antonio and their only daughter’s name is Rae. They married for nearly 40 years.

Following his father’s footsteps, Antonio, the family’s first son, was made an intern in 1996 for Senator Strom Thurmond. Antonio was also trying to run for a seat on the Columbia District Council but he lost to Tommy Wells.

Antonio brought to light some fascinating information about his father during an interview conducted by Yahoo News on why he had become a Republican.

When asked to describe his dad in his own terms, he said he felt he was a straight shooter trying to be as direct and honest as he could possibly be with his opinions and views. Antonio praises his father for driving him on to his life.

His other son, Raffi, studied anthropology and conducted lacrosse at Haverford University, where Juan attended the same university in Pennsylvania. Raffi is currently working as Press Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, and is also a Republican like his older brother.

His net worth mostly depends on his TV gigs, so he will surely continue to do be in front of the camera as much as he can. Williams possesses many houses and luxurious cars, which is pretty uncommon for someone who is only a host on TV, but this only speaks of Juan’s incredible writing talent as well.

His articles are very sought after and this gives him an opportunity to prosper in many different directions. Juan Williams made an enormous contribution to the world of news and hosting, and continues to do so until he one day leaves the Fox Channel.

Many got familiar to him through his reporting and strong words and opinions, that can’t be shaken by expectations that many have from him. He continues to prove he is a unique individual and doesn’t need guidance and instructions from anyone.

That is partly the reason why people like and respect him. Juan is still a valuable part of the Fox Channel and continues to deliver news in the best way he can, so his fans can see him on TV day by day.

What his future holds, nobody knows, but best guess is that Juan will probably enjoy the fruits of his labor and his significant net worth in the future years.

Quick summary

Full name: Juan Antonio Williams

Date of birth: April 10th 1954

Birthplace: Colon, Panama

Age: 66

Profession: Journalist, Author

Height: 1.90 m

Weight: 92 kg

Net Worth: 2$ million