Michael Symon is an American chef, a restaurateur, author and a television personality. He is regularly shown on shows like “Iron Chef America, The Best Thing I ever Ate, Food Feuds.” Symon was born on 19th September, 1969 in cleveland located in Ohio. His ancestry lineage goes back to Italian, eastern and European ancestry. Symon was brought up in the North Olmsted loacited in Ohio.

He attended St.Richard School and later shifted to St.Edward High School, Lakewood. He graduated in the year of 1987. Took apart time job as a cook in Geppetto’s Pizza and Ribs. He got admitted himself in “Culinary Institute Of America” in Hyde Park, New York.

Symon started working in Cleveland Restaurant. In the February of 1997, along with his Fiancee, opened restaurant LOLA. In the year 2005, he converted his restaurant Lola to Lolita and reopened in the Downtown Cleveland.

Symon inaugrated the third restaurant in April 15th, 2006 and named it Parea. The restaurant mailnly served Greek food. The food was very good and the restaurant got listed in “100 Tastes to Try in ’07.”

Symon then opened Roast, restaurant in Detroi, Michigan in the autumn of 2008. It was under The Westin Book Cadilac Hotel.

In the October 2009, big break came when Cleveland Cavaliars announced that they will be featuring some of Symon’s signature and authentic dishes, which is to be prepared by Aramark, a food service firm.

On October, 2010, Symon closed Bar Symon in Avon Lake, but opened in new locations like in Strongville and westLake.

November 21st, 2015 witnessed the opening of Burger joint located in Austin, namely Symon’s Burger.

Symon started to make several media appearences on the behalf of famous Food Network. He endorsed the video game of food network,released on November 3rd. He was the rotating host of the display “Melting Pot.” He was tthere on Sara’s secrets, Ready, Set, cook and Bobby Flay’s FoodNation shows. He also appered in the Iron Chef America.

He appeared like “Dear Food Network: Thanksgiving Disasters,”dealing with dinner mishapson November. He was featured in the  first episode which showcased his restaurant Lolita in the shows like “The Best Thing I Ever At.”

Michael Symon is quiet a rich person. He has accumulated wealth and his current net worth is around $4 million.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Michael D.Symon

Date of birth : 19th September,1969

Birth place : Cleveland,Ohio

Age : 47 Years

Profession Chef,Restaurateur

Height 5 ft 6 inches

Weight : 85 kg

Net Worth : $ 4 Million