Anna Nicole Smith was an American model, TV personality and actress.

She is one of the most remembered pop culture icons, and her estimated net worth is around 50$ million.

Early life

Vickie Lynn Hogan was born on November 28, 1967 in Houston, Texas. She grew up with her mother because her parents divorced after only two years of marriage. She had 5 half siblings and went to Durkee Elementary School.

Her mother sent her to Mexia, to attend high school, but she dropped out after few years of failing. In 1985 she married a cook Billy Wayne Smith and started to begin her modeling career.

Modeling career

Her first big modeling job was the cover of Playboy in 1992. Being on the cover of playboy gave her a good kick-start for latter modeling jobs and secured her regular paychecks. Some of her first modeling jobs were with H&M and Marie Claire.

After New York magazine used one of her unflattering photos as the cover, and bashed her she lost most of her modeling jobs and was forced to work at a strip club.

TV career

She came into the spotlight for her marriage to an elderly oil tycoon, J. Howard Marshall. After his death and a long lawsuit with his family, her fame became ever more prominent.

Business offers came her way and she decided to pursue her longtime dream of becoming an actress. Even though she showed great modeling talent, the situation wasn’t the same in her acting career.

Smith appeared on several TV movies and series. She appeared in the “Naked gun 33 1/3: Final insult” and “The Hudsucker proxy”. Many other smaller roles followed but no greater success was ever achieved. She was also given her own reality TV show in 2002, but it got cancelled because of creative differences between the channel and Anna.

Besides working as a model she often worked as a spokesperson for many products and businesses. She appeared on shows and interviews where she then promoted products she supposedly loved or used herself.

Private life

A topic that has been mostly discussed by the media and regular people is the subject of Anna’s private life. She married and aged oil tycoon, whom she met during one of her performances in the strip club.

Her private life came into the public eye after his death and after he didn’t include Smith from his will. She then went into law battle with Marshall’s other family members to get her promised share. She stated that he promised her a half of his estate if she marries him.

The trial went on for years and Anna got a part of the 1.6$ billion dollars estate of the late Marshall. In 2006 she conducted an informal ceremony with her then boyfriend Howar K.

From her previous marriages Anna had two children and her oldest son Daniel was found dead due to overdose in 2006. She never really recovered from her pain after losing her son and she was found dead one year after his death on February 8, 2007.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Vickie Lynn Hogan

Date of Birth: November 28, 1967

Birth Place: Houston, Texas, U.S.

Age: 49 years

Profession: model, TV personality, actress

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 65 kg

Net worth: 50$ million