Karlie Redd is an American TV personality, hip-hop artist, Reality TV star and an actress.

Her estimated net worth is somewhere around 200$ thousand.

Early life

Karlie Redd was born on April 15, 1978 in New York. She spent a big part of her childhood in Trinidad. Her parents then returned to New York so Karlie could attend the Harlem School of Arts and Alvin American DanceTheater.

She was always in the center of attention while she was growing up and she knew even then that she wanted to become famous when she grows up. She later graduated from college and decided to pursue a music career.

Career and rise to fame

Karlie started her career by appearing on various TV shows and in various movies. Some of them include Black Spring Break 2 and the VH1 show called Scream Queens. Most of her roles were smaller and she appears as a supporting role or as a guest star.

Her biggest break was when she was offered a chance to appear on the show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Since her goal is to become famous, the decision didn’t fell to hard on her. She appeared on the show for the first time in 2012.

The show is a reality TV show, where cameras follow famous cast around in their everyday activities. Karlie is a hip-hop artist but her music career never went as she planned. There are no famous songs or singles for her to be proud of, but she made up for that by succeeding on TV.

Among the cast for the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, is Karlie’s ex-boyfriend Benzino. Since the couple is no longer together, their on-screen interaction is very interesting to the audience. Karlie has been on the show since the beginning in 2012 and the show is now in its fifth season.

Most of her net worth comes from her appearance on the show and her public appearances. Besides being a reality TV star and a hip hop artist, she is also a model.

Because of her rising fame, Karlie decided to use her fame to earn some more money while her 15 minutes of fame are still lasting. She launched a hair style products line. She is also very active on social media, with thousands of followers and subscribers, and her fans can often enjoy more sneak-peaks from her private life.

Personal life

Karlie’s private life is very interesting to the media too. Her on-screen relationship with her ex-boyfriend Benzino is something that has been the focus of the show since the beginning. Karlie has also dated Young Joc and other famous men.

The biggest controversy was probably when she announced in the fifth season of the show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, that she is currently dating a woman. She never spoke about her sexuality, but the fans were shocked when she made that confession.

Karlie has one daughter and she is currently in college. Her age is another thing that many wondered about. She claimed that she is in her twenties but her ex-boyfriend and cast mate, Benzino, revealed that she is much older.

Whether this was just for the show or she is really is the way she presents herself on the show, we will probably see more of Karlie in the future and her bank account is probably going to rise accordingly with her popularity.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Karlie Redd

Date of Birth: April 15, 1978

Birth Place: New York, U.S.

Age: 39 years

Profession: reality TV star, TV personality, actress, hip-hop star

Height: 1.59 m

Weight: 60 kg

Net worth: 200$ thousand