Redfoo is a known American rapper, DJ and dancer mostly known as a part of a music group LMFAO. The duo became widely known with their hit single “Party Rock Anthem”.

He is especially known by his fashion statements: colorful clothes and oversized glasses.

Early years

He was born as Stefan Kendal Gordy on September 3, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Both his father and his mother were in the music business: his father Berry was a founder of a known Motown record label and his mother Nancy was a writer and a producer.

She is the most responsible for his musical interests because of she vas a Vice President of Video Operations and the director of clips. He has spent a lot of time with her.

His friends from high school were and Goon Rock, who are both known musicians, producers and successful artists. They attended together the Palisades Charter High School in Los Angeles. Redfoo graduated from Palisades Charter High School in 1995.

All through their high school Stefan’s free time was spent on dancing and making music. Together with his friends, he became skilled in music production.

As a kid, he often met famous people since his father was known in that branch. After a while, he started taking it as usual.

In high school, a favorite dancer asked Redfoo to pass his demo to his father. It was

Redfoo liked him and his demo, and they became friends. He helped to sign to Interscope although his father never received the demo.

He met Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson while he was a kid since they all came to parties at Motown.

He has a lot of siblings: brothers Terry, Kerry, Berry and Rockwell and sisters Rhonda, Hazel, and Sherry. Rockwell and Rhonda are his half-siblings.

As a kid, he always wanted to have a career in tennis, but he was unlucky because he broke his wrist and he was forced to quit it.

That is when he started to work on his music since he knew he had no future in tennis. So he chose his other big love.

He made his first beats programming on an Old Atari. He has learned to play the piano and keytar.

Career development

In 1994, Redfoo was already skilled in producing music. He became known for it after he created Ahmad’s song “Back in the Day” along with seven other songs on Ahmad’s album. Ahmad is a recognized American hip-hop artist from L.A.

Two years later, in 1996, he signed a contract with Bubonic Records. He collaborated with a rapper called Dre’Kroon on their album called “Balance Beam” which was released in 1997.

In 1999 he collaborated with The Black Eyed Peas and his high school friend on their album.

He was the chief producer of Defari’s album called “Focused Daily.” He was a featured vocal on Figkids’s single “I Gotta Know” which came into Top 50 Australian charts.

In 2006 he decided to form his band, and that was the beginning of LMFAO.

He invited Sky Blu to join him because he was aware of his excellent music skills and he trusted him.

They made several recordings and, with the help of their friend, they signed to Interscope. The record label was very satisfied with their demo tapes and the fact that the songs were already so good that nobody didn’t have to do any more work on them.

They have released their first album called “Party Rock” in 2009. Which soon became legendary. They have released the “Party Rock” EP on the iTunes.

The group appeared on MTV’s series “The Real World: Cancun”  which was all about the LMFAO in Cancun during 2009 Spring break and their appearance there.

In 2010 they were guests on David Guetta’s song called “Getting Over You,” which was a huge hit and gave them an extra push for recognition.

Their second album called “Sorry for Party Rocking” was released in 2010/11. They made a viral video which showed their “Melbourne Shuffle” dance style. The video gained millions of views, and it made their dance extremely popular.

This was the most successful song of their careers, and it reached No.1. In the United States. “Champagne Shovers” and “Sexy and I Know It”was released in 2011 and were also their hit singles. This song gained them a substantial amount of earnings and lifted their lifestyle higher.

In 2011, LMFAO went on their World Tour, and they were the opening act for a known American artist called Ke$ha on her “Get Sleazy Tour.” They followed her to Canada too, on the hot air balloon festival held in Quebec in Canada.

Redfoo was sued by his former management for a considerable amount of money because “breach of contract” as they claimed.

They also went on their first Asian tour in 2011. It was also surprisingly successful, and Redfoo stated how he never knew that LMFAO has such a big fanbase in that part of the world.

They performed, alongside Madonna, at the Super Bowl XLVi in 2011. Being on Super Bowl is one of their most significant performances. It happened during half-time.

In 2012 the group took a break, so both Redfoo and SkyBlu decided to take same period to work alone. They felt that they gave enough to LMFAO and chose to devote themselves to their careers.

At the end of the same year, he released “Bring Out the Bottles,” a single which was featured in “Last Vegas” comedy film.

Redfoo had his debut as an actor in the Spanish comedy TV show “El Hormiguero” the same year.

In 2013 he became a judge on the Australian “The X Factor” which caused his relocation there.

His next single “Let’s Get Ridiculous” became four times platinum in Australia and was first performed at The X-Factor.

In 2013 he created web series called “Behind the Speedo.” In 2014 he released two singles: “Where the Baes at” and “New Thang.” He decided to launch his fashion line under the label name “LA Freak.” In 2015 he was invited to partner to Emma Slater in “Dancing with the Stars” TV show.

On the 18th season, he was a guest judge, it was interesting because he was the first judge also to be a contestant. They were eliminated first from the show so we couldn’t see much of his dancing skills.

In 2014, the guests appeared on a song  “Literally I Can’t” which gained a lot of critics, considered to be misogynistic. This brought him negative critics and caused a petition to remove him from The X Factor.

In 2015 he decided not to be a part of “The X Factor Australia” anymore. In 2015, he became a brand ambassador for a rum named “Malibu” made by Pernod Ricard.

He released his album in 2016 called “Party Rock Mansion.” He has his clothing line, called Party Rock. He sponsored an ITF Women’s Tour in Las Vegas in 2009 and continued every year.

He is known for his afro hairstyle and oversized glasses. This is his signature outfit. He collaborated with Kanye West, Ice Cub, Carly Rae Jepsen, Pitbull and many more.

He won six Billboard Music Awards, MTV EMA’s, MTV VMA’s and more, and he has a few Grammy nominations. He created his own TV-Film company called Redfoo Entertainment.

He has his independent record label called “Party Rock.”

Redfoo began to be interested in trading stock and real-estates, so he did that briefly. When he returned to music, he made a pact with his cousin Skyler Gordy (Sky Blu).

Personal life

In 2012 he was in a relationship with a known tennis player called Victoria Azarenka.

They were together for two years and during that period he was always at her matches.

It is rumoured that today he is in a relationship with Jasmine Alkouri, a social media star.

During a night out back in 2014 , Redfoo was hit in the head with a glass and was slightly injured. This happened in 2014.

He once told his interviewer an interesting story of how he came up with his stage name: since he had red hair and was always a comedian people always called him like: “Hey Red, you are a fool!” His name is the combination of Red+fool but the other way around and withou the “L” at the end.

The name LMFAO also has an interesting past. Here is what Redfoo said it means:

  1. “Laughing My F—ing Ass Off”
  2. “Laughing My Freaking Ass Off”
  3. “Loving My Friends And Others.”

He said that the original name of the group was going to be “SexiDudes” but they changed it (his grandmother advised them to).

Although everyone know him as a party freak, rare know that he is vegan and that he regularly plays tennis to keep himself fit. He also visits tennis tournaments a lot.

Quick summary

Full name: Stefan Kendal Gordy

Date of birth: September 3, 1975

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Age: 43

Profession: rapper, producer

Height: 1,88 m

Weight: 82 kgs

Net Worth: $4 million