The American rapper has so much left to deliver to the music lovers, but in the meantime, he had already earned enough fame through his rap. The first breakthrough came in his life when the world went high with his mixtape ‘From the Westside with Love,’ released in 2010. Undoubtedly he is one of the ablest rap artists of his time. Dom had achieved success only through his sheer talent to perform and make the audience dance with the rhythm.

The musical journey was started in 2008 with a release of a mixtape, “25th Hour” had given all the indication that a rapper has entered the world of music. Particularly in this world where digital downloads are in the hands of the ultimate audience, an artist can achieve popularity only with the quality of performance. Nevertheless, Dom has gathered enough pecuniary strength to take his estimated net worth to 1.2 million dollars.

Early life

Dom Kennedy was born as Dominic Rose Hunn on 22nd August 1984 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. His parents failed to honor the relationship of their marriage for the sake of their child and got divorced. With his mother, Dom started staying at Leimert Park. From the early childhood, he was very interested in all sports as any other boy. During his schooling, he was particularly good at Basketball and while improving in the game must have thought of making a career in basketball. After coming out of the school, he enrolled at Santa Monica College.

He started studying Business Management which would help him learn the business skills which would help him in future. In the meantime rap legends of West Coast like DJ Quik and 2Pac are influencing Dom when he was in his teenage. Dom has an inclination towards rap from the beginning, and gradually the interest has gone deep. He took up rap seriously from 2008 onwards. He started creating raps with simple lyrics which are little narrative with a blend of terse approach in between. His style impressed the listener as it is has a little independent streak.


He made his first release in 2008 with the creation of “25th Hour”. He was so confident with his mixtape that he released the debut mixtape independently. Thanks to digital download which helped Dom to get into the minds of the innumerable listeners all over, particularly in his place Los Angeles. The response of the audience inspired the rapper, and he decided to bring another mixtape as early as possible.

Soon he released his second mixtape which named as “Future Street / Drug Sounds.” The debut release has already given him the confidence of releasing independently. The second mixtape gave him a satisfying response as the first release. He followed the path of releasing independently, and his composition started building popularity for the rapper.

He was just flowing with confidence. Obviously, the acceptance of his raps which he can realize from the response of the followers of music through the social site boosted his spirit. He wanted to keep his earned popularity intact with continued mixtapes, and so he brought out another his third mixtape which he titled “Best after Bobby.” This release had a clear hip-hop features of West Coast genre. The endeavor has been featured by Jason Madison Carter, Skeme, Like, Ree$e, Mykel, Pac Div and some more. Quite evidently Dom was gradually putting more professional efforts on his music to serve the countless music lovers.

For quite some time Dom eagerly wanted to release his first studio album. But he was not getting the real opening to do so. One day he got the strength of opening his label The Other People’s Company or OPC and decided to release it. Then that day came, which was his dream of releasing a studio album of his own. On 8th June 2011 his debut studio album titled “From the Westside with Love II” was released. The album was featured by most talented producers as Scoop DeVille and DJ Mustard along with Asher Roth, Schoolboy Q, and Big KRIT. Next year quite at the same time on 21st June he released “Yellow Album.” The album was featured with efficacies of Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, and Freddie Gibbs. Yellow Album was his sixth mixtape.

Then on 12th October 2012, he released “Young Nation” which was a 17 tracks release. In the meantime from 2012 onwards, he was preparing for his second studio album which was released on 13th October 2012, a day after the release of Young Nation. His sophomore studio album was titled “Get Home Safely” and got a good rating from Allmusic. Dom has established himself in the rapping world by now and was getting a collaboration of eminent artists. On 2nd June 2015, he released the third album under his name “By Dom Kennedy.” The next year he came out with “Los Angeles is Not for Sale.”

Personal life

There is no information about his personal life which suggests that Dom is perhaps concentrating only on his musical career.

He is now enjoying more on collaborating with other important figures of the rap industry. He has the urge and potential to go high up in his career.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Dominic Rose Hunn

Date of Birth: 22nd August 1984

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Age: 34 Year Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches / 166 cm

Weight: 68 Kg

Net worth: $1.2 Million