If one has the habit of waking up early and watching Squawk Box on CNBC network before leaving for office, one knows Joe Kernen. Joe is the news anchor of CNBC and is doing it with high reputation.

The extreme proficiency and sincere expertise have made successful with his career. He is successfully managing the schedules of a news reader and the time frame of most competent stockbroker. As of now Joe earns a handsome salary for his job and also earn from other sources. All such effort had deposited a massive net worth of $14 million dollars.

Early life

Joe Kernen is actually Joseph Richard Kernen. On 6th January, 1956 Joe was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Joe has a nickname as The Kahuna. Joe was born to a family where his father is medical practitioner and mother was in the profession of nurse. Although his parents were doctor and nurse but he got other intentions. He is very good at studies from his early childhood. On the Western Hills of Cincinnati, Ohio Joe grew up. He was admitted in the St. Xavier high School and graduated from the same institute in 1974. He was also one of the best students of his school.

After the days of school Joe enrolled in the University of Colorado, Boulder for his Bachelor’s degree as BS. Then for the masters he move to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and cleared the MS in molecular biology. In the same institute he had worked as a research scholar in the field of cancer. He was working on erythroleukemia cells of mouse. His endeavor had regularly published in some well known medical journals which include CELL, Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology and Development Biology.


After completing the masters in molecular biology Joe was engaged in his research for quite some time. His interest in the field was not enough to be in the medical line. He moved to the world of television in the passage of time. He had not started his career as a news anchor from the beginning. Joe was actually acquainted in the arenas of television after his bachelor’s degree.

In CNBC he had worked as a stock editor on-air and was available throughout the day. He was actually reporting from the studio as the channel has come up with a program on market analysis. In 1991 he joined CNBC when Financial News Network came up for the merger. After being experienced for ten years Joe joined FNN. Form then Joe has taken the seat of news reader on the financial front in the channel program schedules.

Now Joe is successfully carrying his responsibility as a host in the Squawk Box, a very special program by the CNBC network and had earned huge likings from the viewers. It is from 2005 when a significant overhauling was made in the channel Joe was given the role of co-host to cover Squawk Box. Joe is well experienced with deals of the stockbroker. His success story defines that Joe is very much efficient in both the profession. Joe has also experienced the post of vice president in “Smith Barney” and “EF Hutton”. These are quite reputed firms.

Joe has also shown his ability and propensity of a writer. His “Your Teacher Said What?!: Defending Our Kids from the Liberal Assault on Capitalism”. Joe has put in all his experience and knowledge in his own business and is successfully doing it. In 2014 he had experienced other side of his success when asked Martin Shanahan, the IRD chief executive of Ireland, why Ireland is away from using pound sterling. The Irish Times had severely criticized Joe as he was not aware that Republic of Ireland has its own soverign state and does not fall within the boundary of UK.

Personal life

Earlier from Short Hills, New Jersey, she was a commodity trader. She is Penelope Scott and met Joe 1996 when she joined CNBC. After observing the inclination for sometime the pair married on golf course in 1998. Their bonding is blessed with two children. Joe is already a proud father of his daughter Blake. Scott is his son who is younger to his sister.

Part from the news desk cornice of the kitchen where loves to cook. He is very much passionate about music. Joe has a keen interest in the game of chess and often enjoys strolling on the golf courses whenever gets a chance to play. Once he went to the final of Baltustrol club championship.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Joseph Richard “Joe” Kernen

Date of Birth: 6th January, 1956

Birth Place: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America

Age: 61 years

Profession: News Anchor, Stockbroker

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inch

Weight: NA

Net worth: $14 million