David Chang is a famous entrepreneur, he is famous for his restaurants, and he is also a well known author and a popular television personality.

He is the founder group of restaurants named Momofuku Restaurant.

His group of restaurants includes the Momofuku Ssam Bar, Momofuku Noodle Bar, Milk Bar, Ma Peche, Momofuku Ko restaurant which is located in New York City and the other one, Momofuku Seiobo located in Sydney, Australia.

Other restaurants under his group located in Toronto include, Nikai, Shoto, Momofuku Noodle Bar, as well as Momofuku CDC which is located in Washington. He was awarded Michelin stars. He has received till date 2 Michelin stars for the excellent services of his restaurants.

He went to Georgetown Prep and then attended Trinity College. In Trinity College he has done his majors in the religious studies.

After his studies in the Trinity College, David Chang joined the French Culinary Institute which is now known as International Culinary Center which is located in New York.

His recent ventures include a fast food chain that of restaurants, which specializes on fried chicken sandwiches, named as Fuku.

Soon he has the plan for starting up an online restaurant, where we can order online through the app. The order for this restaurant will be in such a way that they will consider only the online orders.

He was born on 5th of August 1977 in Vienna, in Virginia, United States. He was interested in golf and has been a part of many tournaments in his childhood.

In the year 2009, David Chang and Peter Meehan who served as a writer in New York Times, published a cookbook named Momofuku. This book contained the detailed recipies of various dishes which were served in whole of Momofuku group of restaurants. In the year 2011, he has released his food magazine first issue named as Lucky Peach. Each release had a certain theme.

The first theme was Remen and the contributors for his first release were Harold McGee, Anthony Bourdain and so on.

The second release had the theme The Sweet Spot and the contributors to name a few were Harold McGee and Anthony Bourdain. The third issue for the same was released in March of 2013, which had the theme- Chefs and Cooks. This was New York Times Best seller. The fourth issue was on American Food and the fifth about Chinatown.

He has also served as guest Judge to many cookery shows, one of which was Master Chef Australia.

The estimated net worth of David Chang was about 50 million dollars.

Quick Summary:

Full name: David Chang

Date of birth: August 5, 1977

Birth place: Vienna, United States

Age: 42 Years

Profession: Businessman, Author, Television Personality

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: 50 million dollars