Hank Williams Jr is a known American singer of country music and a music artist known for his special style in which he combines traditional country with rock and blues.

Early years

He was born as Randall Hank Williams on May 26, 1949, in Shreveport in Louisiana, United States. His father was a known country singer named Hank Williams, and his mother was Audrey Williams.

His father was known for his nickname Bocephus, and he died in 1953 after which Hank was raised by his mother Audrey, who was also a musician. During his childhood, he was always surrounded by music, both of the parents and by many artists who visited their house.

Johnny Cash and Fats Domino are some of the people that visited his father, Hank on a regular basis. Their house was always filled with known stars, producers, and songwriters, so it isn’t surprising that he followed the music steps of his father.

He was eight years old when he joined his father Hank on the stage singing one of his father’s song. He was only eleven when he recorded his first song called “Long Gone Lonesome Blues” which is originally his father’s song. It seemed that he was going to follow his father’s genre.

He was a student at John Overton High School in Nashville in Tennessee. He often played his guitar on school events. He wasn’t especially interested in learning because he decided to follow his dream of becoming a country singer.

In 1964, a film “Your Cheatin’ Heart” was released. It was a film about his father’s life, and Hank was the singing voice for his father’s character in this film. The film showed how similar are the voices and the talent of Hank Jr. and Hank Sr.

Career development

In the 60’s and 70’s, Hank made his career as his father’s impersonator, and he recorded many albums that contained his father’s songs.

He wasn’t satisfied with the way his music career was headed, so he decided to change his musical direction. He didn’t want to be remembered only as his father’s copy, so he tried to get recognized as a songwriter and a serious singer.

In the same period he leads a very troubled life, he threw his mother out of his life and started using both drugs and alcohol. He stopped communicating not only with his mother but with a lot of members of the family and friends. He was on his way down.

He moved to Alabama, trying to get his life in order and he started playing southern rock with Alabama’s musicians. They helped him to find a new sparkle in music, and he created many songs with them.

In 1975, he released an album called “Hank Williams Jr. and Friends”. It contained all the songs he made in Alabama, and it brought his new, different music style.

He closely worked with Waylon Jennings, and they released a hit song “Once and For All.”

In 1975 Hank was badly injured and almost died in a climbing accident on a mountain called Ajax Peak in Montana.

He suffered big fractures of the face and head and had a very long and painful recovery from this accident.

Through those two years of recovering, he went through many surgeries and had to learn to talk and sing again. It was a very hard period for him, and he battled it very persistently.

He grew a beard to conceal his many facial scares, started wearing sunglasses all the time and his cowboy hat was always with him. This became his signature look.

In the 80’s his music “grew on” to his fans with his new music, and he started making hits. “Family tradition,” “High Notes” and “Montana Cafe” are just some of them.

He released 21 albums in 13 years, from which he had eight No.1 Billboard hits. Those numbers put him to the top of all time country players.

He won Academy of Country Music Award three times (1987, 1988, 1989). It is a prestigious reward meant for best American country singers.

“Born to Boogie” is his album released in 1987 which reached No.1 on Country Albums Chart and became a platinum album. The album showed his new path in music.

In 1980’s he made opening themes for a live TV broadcast of NFL games, and he earned four Emmy Awards for it. He is one of the greatest live performers in the country.

He won a Grammy Award at 32nd annual Grammy Awards event in 1989, for Best Country Vocal Collaboration with the hit called: “There’s A Tear In My Beer.”

From 1989 to 2011 his hit song called “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming over Tonight” was used as the opening broadcast song for “Monday Night Football.” He received a Johnny Visionary award in 2006.

In 2009 he released his lead-off song for his “127 Rose Avenue” album, called “Red, White & Pink – Slip Blues.”

He was an opening performance for 2006 “Super Bowl XL” which was a great experience for him. Only the most popular American singers and musician are invited to open their most beloved sports event.

Personal life

He is a known member of the Republican Party. He performed for John McCain, Sarah Polin and Michele Bachmann’s while they had their election campaigns.

In 2012 he was going to be nominated for a U.S. Senator, but eventually, he gave up. He doesn’t like the former President Barack Obama, and he often spoke badly of him. He called him a Muslim during his performance in 2012 in Iowa and stated that he hates him.

He plays an enormous list of instruments since he had a lot of great teachers and some of the instruments he learned to play alone: Earl Scruggs taught him to play banjo, and Jerry Lee Lewis gave him piano lessons.

Besides the guitar, he also knows how to play bass guitar, piano, harmonica, and drums.

Quick summary

Full name: Randall Hank Williams

Date of Birth: May 26, 1949

Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana

Profession: country music singer and a songwriter

Age: 69

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $45 million