Jerry Purpdrank is a one amongst the young Vine celebrity whose videos have over 8 million followers. The estimated net worth of Jerry Purpdrank is about $2.5 million. Other than Vine, he owns an online game app.

Jerry Purpdrank is a famous online media personality who was born on 09 November 1993 in Boston Massachusetts. His social media account has made him very popular.

His first video was posted in Vine on March 27, 2013.

He has worked with various vine celebrities like King Bach, Piques, Curtis Lepore and Alx James. This collaboration helps each other to increase their fan strength.

Usually Purpdrank includes the famous Vine celebrity, Lil Wayne in his Vine videos. His internet videos include pranks and various short comedy skits.

This young guy has great talent and it should be highly appreciated. In the year 2015, he has exhibited his talents to the movie field too. His has enacted in the movie Get the Girl.

Apart from Get The Girl, some of other films which has explored the talent in Jerry are Airplane Mode in the year 2016 and Bad Weather Films in the year 2010.

The growth and rise of Jerry Purpdrank was magical. In an interview he has told that he has never ever had a thought that he will be having 3 million followers. He is really excited to know what is in store for him in the future.

In the Instagram he has posted many photos with his pet dog Ava. He had included his fellow Viner, Brittany Furlan in his video named as “Kids with the 64 pack of crayons ran elementary school”.

In fact, including other vine stars to his videos will be financially helping both the members as this can increase their fan strength together. Such ideas were being worked out by most of the celebrities nowadays.

Some of his close friends are Curtis Lepore, Dan Nampaikid, and Max JR. He seems to be living in the same building of his fellow Viners who are King Bach, Piques Curtis Lepore, Max Jr, and Christian Delgrosso.

Jerry Purpdrank is making lots of videos in Facebook nowadays and has been successful in raising large amount of money.

Nothing much is known about his family background and there has been hardly any information on the media at present, neither have we had any information about his girlfriends.

The only photos he posts are with his dog, Ava.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Not known, Nick name- Jerry Purpdrank

Date of birth: 09 November 1993

Birth place: Boston Massachusetts

Age: 23 Years

Profession: Viner, Blogger, You Tube Personality

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 183 lbs

Net worth: $2.5 million