The Englishman who has earned some fame as a YouTuber and quite a known vlogger is Marcus Butler. His fame has grown many folds after the comedy series on the YouTube channel; the videos are basically about the reactions of testing product.

Along with his engagement in the YouTube Butler has blended his personality with the flair of an author and a proficient rapper. In an unhesitant way he had shared his life experiences with more than 4 million subscribers on the YouTube and over time emerged as a popular web video star. It is quite evident that Butler has made a strong foothold in this arena and hence earn quite handsomely. Butler’s estimated net worth is definitely more than $1.5 million dollars as on date.

Early life

The 26 years old YouTuber Butler was born as Marcus Lloyd Butler on 18th December 1991 in Shoreham, Sussex, England. Although the world is aware that Butler is having two sisters Natasha and Heidi, regarding his parents, there is no information available. In his early childhood, he dressed up in the ballet dresses of his sisters. The vlogger may have a reason for not disclosing anything about is parents.

From his college days, Butler is well accepted for his efficiency in video mixing and music. His humorous comments on sports videos during his college days are very much appreciated. These high accolades have surely laid down the foundation to proceed in his career. Before launching his channel, he was already a well-known figure. So the endeavor of Butler in launching a new channel was warmly welcomed by a massive number of his followers.  His uploads on YouTube got numerous clicks in favor. He had developed a culture in himself of creating some funny and hilarious extraordinary vlogs.


Marcus is a popular and well-known comedian vlogger who is of a British nationality. He started off his career with brilliant performances in the television show titled ‘BBC Comic Relief.’ His count of the audience on the social networking site Twitter is almost 3 million. In the year 2013, he was given the title of ‘the most influential’ social network user. He is of flamboyant nature and is very much outspoken. He started off with his own YouTube channel where he posted about traveling tips and the latest news on the cultural background of pop music culture. His YouTube channel is abundantly stuffed with hilarious parody videos and makes all his viewers and subscribers get to stick to his videos on a regular basis.

Marcus is a talented YouTuber from West London who has chosen his professional career as a full-time YouTuber. He started off his career with his first channel named Marcus Butler TV that achieved subscription count of almost 4.6 million and about a view count 379 million. Marcus son came up with his second channel and gave it a unique title “MoreMarcus” that soon captured the market thus achieving a count of 2 million subscription count and a count over 260 million of video searches.

Marcus possesses over 6 million YouTube channel subscribers 2 prominent blogging channel. While succeeding with his career, Marcus got associated with many other eminent YouTube personalities like Casper Lee, Joe Sugg, Oli White, Jim Chapman, Joey Graceful and Alfe Deyes. He had also played a crucial part in backgrounding the hit number for the group Comic Relief. Presently Marcus has 3 million dedicated followers on his Instagram account who eagerly waits for his updates.

Personal life

Butler had been into the life of Naomi Smart who is a YouTuber too. The two hearts had come close when they were 16. Unfortunately, the relation failed to go beyond 2015. Recently he has appreciated a German model, Stefanie Giesinger and both are seen dating since 2016.

Butler is fond of traveling to different places of interest. With a healthy lifestyle, he ponders over the popular culture. Fashion and cooking also excite the famous YouTuber a lot.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Marcus Lloyd Butler

Date of Birth: 18th December 1991

Birth Place: Shoreham, Sussex, England

Age: 26 Years Old

Profession: Youtube Blogger

Height: 5 Feet 6 inches / 1.70 m

Weight: 67 kg

Net worth: $1.5 million dollars