Jeff Tietjens is a professional lawyer who is into maintaining a huge financial standard and leads a lavish life by residing in a luxurious mansion with all the exclusive amenities. Jeff hails from the land of America and is famous for making investments as well as depositing a quantitative amount.

His net worth is estimated somewhere around 5 million dollars. His net worth has been calculated quite easily as he has purchased an expensive house for $2 million. This shows his status and standard of living.

Early life

Jeff Tietjens, the eminent lawyer, was born on 18th August 1970 in San Francisco, California, United States of America. He was known to people for his knowledge and academic strength. He was also in athletics and even good at picking up the steps along with his favorite hit numbers.

His high school days were spent in the J. Eugene McAteer High School. He went for completing his bachelor from the Dartmouth College in the subject of Law and higher administrative studies.

He was quite good with his results and was the topper of his batch in the college. He was given a placement in a reputed company just after completing his degree. There is no information about his parentage and his days of upbringing.

He moved on with his career in the law profession and was successful with it later. He is of American ethnicity, and his origin is known to be of an Italian descent. This much is known that he has grown up along with his siblings who were not much younger to him. He is a Leo as per his zodiac sign.


Some personalities are such that they don’t require any probable rigid platform to prove their fame and popularity. Jeff is such a person who has been simply fabulous with all his attempts and with all his professional efforts. He has begun his career long ago just after completing his graduate degree from Dartmouth College. He became at associating member in the very same college he studied.

Shortly after some time he became an administrative professional and started working as a prominent attorney in the land of United States. He worked hard to make himself get established and know more about the job profile he would get placed in.

He got soon known by the media personals and became a public figure and made the spotlight fall directly on him. Jeff is a professional lawyer who has been famous because of his controversies rather than his career evaluations. He is the husband of the famous American model and actress Aisha Tyler. His communion with the heart throbbing actress made him famous to all. Though he had been a successful professional lawyer, he took some efforts to become famous through some created controversies as well.

Personal life

Jeff Tietjens had been married to Aisha Tyler, the eminent, talented American model cum actress. The couple went into a relationship while both of them were young and reading in the Darmouth College. They were very good friends, and soon their friendship turned into love.

The couple got united in the bonds of conjugal life. They have gone for dating each other for the long span of time, and only then they decided to get married. After knowing each other several years in the year 1992, the couple decided to get married. They never had any children, and perhaps this is the reason, Jeff decided to file a divorce against his wife, Aisha.

After spending long 24 years, he decided to get away from his wife due to some personal reasons that he has not disclosed publicly. The couples leave separately now and probably is single. It is said he has suffered severe depression after getting divorced as he was found to deactivate his social networking accounts. He is quite an inactive member currents and way from the glamorous and glittering episodes of media.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jeff Tietjens

Date of Birth: 18th August 1970

Birth Place: San Francisco, California, United States of America

Age: 48 Year Old

Profession: Lawyer

Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches / 173 cm

Weight: 54 Kg

Net worth: 5 Million dollars.