Jon Hamm is an american actor, TV producer and director.

Early years

Jonathan Daniel Hamm, also known as „Jon“, was born on March 10, 1971. In St.Louis, Missourri.

His surname has roots in German descent, but he also has English and Irish ancestors.

His parents divorced in 1973. when he continued living with his mother.

When he was 10 years old she died, so he had to move to his father.

He went to a private school in Ladue and was very successfull at all sport activities.

When he was 20 years old he lost his father too, so for a period of time he struggled with depression after that loss.

In 1989. He came to the University of Texas but was involved in an incident that took him elsewhere. He switched college to University of Missouri.

In Missouri he was auditioned for a play in a theatre company and became an actor in that production.

In 1993. he gratuated with a bachelor of arts in English and became a teacher in highschool.

He worked as a teacher during college so he continued it without a problem. 

Career development

In 1995. He moved to Los Angeles because he decided to become an actor

He worked as a  waiter and had some small roles.

He wasn’t satisfied with his progress and was really unhappy.

In 2000. Hamm finally got ba role in NBC’s series „Providence“ and qiut his job as awaiter.

In Clint Eastwood’s „Space Cowboys“ the same year, and in „We were soldiers“in 2002. he prooved himself as an actor.

From 2000-2004. he acted in a TV serie „The Division“.

In 2007. he finally had his great breakthrough.

He became a leading actor in a drama series „Mad Men“.

In 2008.  he was rewarded for his efforts and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in TV series.

„Mad Men“ run until May 17, 2015.  and in that period he became a well known and popular actor. In 2008. He was performing in a film „The day the Earth stood Still“.

After that came „Stolen“, „The Town“ with Ben Affleck and „Howl“.

He has given voice to a character in „Shrek“ and in the „Minnions“.

He established a production company with J. Westfeld in 2009.

Personal life

He began a relationship with Jane Westfeld, an actress and ascreenwriter, in 1997.

In 2015. they ended it by mutual decision.

The same year he was treated for alchoholism. That was a problem that followed  him from the day of his father’s death.

Hamm is a known democrat and gives donation to that political party.

He is a great fan of sports, including ice hockey, golf and baseball. 

Philantropic work

Jon Hamm is included in a lot of charity work. For example he donates to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and for the  Entertainment Industry Foundation. He works with 35 different charity associations.

Quick summary

Full name: Jonathan Daniel Hamm

Date of birth: March 10, 1971.

Birthplace:St.Louis, Missourri

Age: 45



Weight: 92 kg

Net Worth: $30 million