King Louie is an American rapper who made it big through the use of YouTube and internet to promote his music. His net worth is somewhere around $2.5 million.

Early Life

King Louie was born as Louis King Johnson Jr. on December 27th, 1987 in the Eastside of Chicago, Illinois. The names of his parents are not known. He is an American citizen of Black ethnicity. He began his high school from Hyde Park Academy High School and then graduated high school from an alternative school.

His family shifted to various parts of Chicago when he was a kid. His mother suffered a drug problem and was fighting through drug addiction which made his childhood very rough. The struggle gave the rapper a hard time in his teen years, but he built a very independent and good character. After completing high school, he decided to pursue a career as a music artist and began making mixtapes on his own.

His other stage name is King L.


After graduating high school, King Louie began working on his mixtapes, CDs of which he used to hand out at bus stops and various parties. His first ever mixtape was released back in September 2007 and was named Boss Shit. After a gap of two years, he released his second mixtape in December 2009, and it was called Cloud 9. He put all his effort in creating the mixtapes and for opportunities to be heard which will lead him to earn popularity and the big bucks which he would be able to invest in the development of his further mixtapes.

After his life threatening incident of a car accident with severe injuries, he restarted his music career when he focused on working on his future mixtapes and used the internet as a mean to release a string of mixtapes. ‘Top Cool’ and ‘I’m Arrogant’ were two huge hits across various online music sharing platform and was heavily downloaded. For the purpose of promoting his mixtapes, King Louie took over YouTube to launch music videos for his sings. His first ever music video was for ‘I’m Arrogant’ which was also the lead track off his mixtape Man Up, Band Up, his 2010 mixtape. This mixtape threw him back on the limelight. He released more music videos to gain popularity and strengthen his fan base. He became one of the newest rappers on the block in Chicago with his use of YouTube for the promotion of his music.

In 2012, King Louie met and inked a deal with Epic Records in Los Angeles, California. While on a trip, Kanye West’s label GOOD Music took time during a music release, to announce the name of some promising upcoming artists which included King Louie. King Louie mentioned that he was overwhelmed and shocked to know that Kanye West was a fan. He later was on Kanye West’s Yeezus where he performed a verse and hook for track ‘Send It Up.’ King Louis was nominated for a Grammy award for his work as a songwriter for West’s track ‘New Slaves.’

King Louie has worked with many biggies of the rap industry. His list of collaborated artist contains quite successful ones. He has shared stage and performance with Chief Keef for performances like ‘Flat Line,’ ‘Winning’ and also a remixed version of ‘Faneto.’ The year 2013 turned and boosted his career when he performed with Kanye West on ‘2 The Moon’. Other artists who have worked with King Louie include Lil Bibby, Lil Durk, and Lil Herb.

In December 23rd, 2015, in Chicago, he was shot in his head, but luckily he was able to survive the shooting.

His fortune escalated more when his latest mixtape, Tony 2 was dropped 2017. The mixtape contained a total of fifteen tracks out of which ‘Shorty’ received the most attention. This was well received and firmed his position as a rap artist in Chicago. He is working on his next mixtape, Jeep Music 2.

He has received awards like BET Award for Best Group and Billboard Music Awards for Top Rap Collaboration.

Personal Life

King Louie is rumored to have a daughter of around eight years old. As of latest records, he is not married. There is no news of him being in a relationship or having a partner currently. He is very concerned with his privacy and likes to keep his work life separate.

His career hit the pause button when he met a severe car accident. He was hospitalized with serious injuries which included two broken legs and many other injuries. His recovery from the accident required him to learn to walk again.

King Louie is a Capricorn. King Louie is a fan of Drake’s music.

Quick summary

Full Name: King Louie

Date of Birth: December 27, 1987

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Age: 30 years

Profession: Rapper and Songwriter

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $2.5 million