Fat Nick is the rapper and hip hopper from Florida.

His estimated net worth is almost 0.15 million dollars.

Early Life

It is only because of his chubby figure that Nick has become Fat Nick. He is a sensation on the social media as soon as his performances come online. But, his childhood days were not a bed of roses. He was born on 6th September 1994 in Miami, Florida. Though nothing is yet known about the name of his parents, he belongs to Greek and Cuban ancestry.

His childhood days were really tough, and he was dropped out from school in seventh grade. As he belonged to a poor background, he had the responsibility to support his family; and in order to do that, he started selling drugs.

But, he was not made for crimes as he got the talent to do something different. Soon, he realized that getting into the criminal world won’t lead him where he wants to reach. His dream was to make music; therefore, he stopped any type of criminal activities and launched his career over the internet.


Though he was dropped out from school in seventh grade, he made good friendship with Kevin Pouya. He was also a school dropout. Kevin got associated into rapping where Nick joined him. But, when they decided to make online videos, they preferred to work individually and released on social media. It didn’t take much time to reach people who are really crazy about rap. He didn’t fail to build his own audience and fan base. To take the next step in his career, he started touring across America and started building up their audience. He also earned money throughout this process.

Soon they got associated with Raider Klan of SpaceGhostPurrp. Later, Nick and Pouya formed their own crew and named it Buffet Boys. After releasing a series of singles, Nick came up with his       individual debut album ‘Fat Camp’ in 2015. There was a unique track in it, called ‘Football.’ In 2016, he released his second album, and it was also his first LP, ‘When the Lean Runs Out.’

Success was not far away as within few months, Fat Nick made his single music video, ‘How Do I Look.’ It was directed by Max Beck and produced by Big Los. Big Los has also produced several other videos of Nick. The music video was a bit weird and funny where you can find a fat man with blonde and dreadlocked hair is making music with a small bearded man. The sync between them is really commendable.

Talking about the most hit song of Fat Nick, the ‘Drop Em off’ has to be mentioned. Here, he was also associated with other artists, like Germ and obviously, his friend Pouya, who helped to uplift Nick’s career a lot. The Nick and Pouya show on YouTube is liked by many people because of their funny and witty presentation.

Not only music or rap, but Nick is also famous for posting their comedic videos which are really unique in nature and explicit style. To be truthful, Nick and Pouya got more popularity in these videos than music.

Personal Life

It was the year 2006 when Nick was sentenced for making a life endangered by breaking the skull of a person with a baseball bat. He also participated in a racial feud. Maybe he had a difficult childhood, but he shared a strong bond with his family. When Fat Nick was in jail, he missed his family the most. He had his grandfather, mother, uncle, and sister in his family whom they missed a lot then.

During his imprisonment, he got so ill that he couldn’t meet his family members. Still, he lost 75 pounds during this period and clicked his pictures for posting them and showing his new figure to his cell mates. He has a girlfriend, named Janine.

The unique feature of Fat Nick is his dreadlocks. Once in an interview, he told that he had grown his dreadlocks for four years and no intention to cut them out.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Nick

Date of Birth: 6th September 1994

Birthplace: Miami, Florida

Age: 23

Profession: Rapper/Comedy Show Anchor

Popular As: Fat Nick

Net Worth: 0.15 million dollars