Since 1988 Laura is successfully doing the business of auctioneering. The American auctioneer has reached the fame with an appearance on a reality show that was produced by A&E Network. It was “Storage Wars” that introduced the auctioneer Laura Dotson to the world.

She has a true life partner of her husband Dan Dotson who was into this business from his early young age. The viewers of the reality show had seen the brilliance of this couple in the business of auctioneering. The two are the perfect institution in themselves and a perfect example for the aspirant of this trade. Success of auctioneer depends upon the realization of money in a typical manner.

For the obvious reason Laura had gather nicely from the profession. Her net worth is beyond the scope of proper estimation as her earnings has been mingles up in the business that they do together. For a guess the net worth should be more than $3.5 million dollars.

Early life

Laura Dotson was actually born as Laura Christine Dotson. She was born on 13th May, 1968 in San Bernardino, California, United States of America. In the Thousand Oak Laura grew up.

Unfortunately there is no information available about her early childhood. Her educational background is beyond the scope of knowing as she had never revealed her past days even in the shows n which she had appeared with her husband. It is known that she had a strong aspiration to be the television personality one day. She met her young boyfriend Dan and shared the ideas on auctioneer. They two had started a business of auctioneering after getting known to each other. Later she married Dan.


Laura’s life before being introduced to Dan was not known much. She came into the life of Dan and had helped Dan in doing business. The viewers have seen the auctioneering efficiency of Laura in the reality show “Storage Wars” that was brought up by A&E Network. In December, 2010 she appeared first time with her husband. Along with this famous show Laura had appeared in numerous other shows as well. For instance we can remember her appearances in “Let’s Make A Deal”, “Family Feud” and “Price Is Right”. She had given her appearance in some more shows and her dream of appearing in the small screen was accomplished. Her presence was also felt in the shows as in “Early Edition”, “Hot in Cleveland” and also in the show ”Home & Family”.

As the life has taken a perfect momentum there was no barriers in the way to be a successful television personality along with the satisfaction that she had in auctioneering. The two auctioneers were becoming so famous that for there more appearances some talk show had been arranged by some cable television channels. Along with husband Dan she was on the high peak of popularity.

The couple started appearing in numerous talk shows as “Fox And Friends” or we can also count “Anderson Live”. As it was her days so for the very obvious reason she was the famous personality about whom people have a tremendous curiosity. The urgency of the public had made the news and magazine world to cover articles about the duo. Her interviews or articles had been a regular feature of one magazine or the other. The Washington Post has also featured Laura and Dan in their circulations. USA Today and TMZ website which is known for the celebrity news has also shown the success of Mr. and Mrs. Dotson.

The success of Dan Dotson had not come up only because of his own efforts rather his wife had always helped him in doing the business successfully. The American Auctioneers was started in 1983 before Laura came into the life of Dan but the real success of the business came up only after the appearance of Laura and his work is shown on the reality show. In Planning and implementation in the business of auctioneering, Laura had always come beside Dan. Laura has fast grown as a celebrity and the television world has seen her brilliance in the auctioneering business.

Her appearance on films and television shows are highly commendable. Laura is the founder owner of a popular website known for its listing of auctioneering material in the North American region. She makes nearly 2000 auction every year and she is a worthy auctioneer on American Auctioneers Dan Dotson & Assoc. Her marketing strategies are highly commendable. She is known for her excellent endeavor as the Consultant in Marketing and she is the Interim Global Chief Marketing Officer.

Personal life

Laura can be the perfect example of an ideal wife and life partner. She is an exemplary companion for a success marriage and business venture for any partnership. The lady came into the life of a successful auctioneer and inspired him to go beyond the scope of limitations. Dan met Laura in 1996. Today she is really proud to a perfect wife and mother too.

Presently she resides with her family in Los Angeles, California. It would be very much amazing to see her down to earth instead of popularity. She offers herself for some charity even though she has a busy schedule.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Laura Christine Dotson

Date of Birth: 13th May, 1968

Birth Place: San Bernardino, California, United States of America.

Age: 49 Years Old

Profession: Auctioneering, Television Personality

Height: NA

Weight: 74 Kg

Net worth: $3.5 Million dollars