Who says that entrepreneurs can’t be considered celebrities? Saygin is the living proof of that, and his involvement in the world of rich and famous has only brought him more media attention. Saygin is a famous German businessman and entrepreneur who managed to reach success through his skilled business deals.

We are going to talk about his early years, personal life and net worth, so continue reading this text if you want to find out more about this famous businessman.

Early Life

Saygin Yalcin was born on May 14th 1985 in Bremen, Germany. He spent this childhood in the northwestern city of Germany, and got his school education there as well. In one of his interviews, he expressed that it wasn’t easy for him to grow up in Bremen because it was hard for him to blend in with the rest of children, due to his Turkish descent.

As a child, Saygin was very active and he enjoyed playing football. He even dreamed of becoming a famous football player but his life took him to completely different direction. As a young boy, he wanted to make a lot of money when he grows up, so he never has to experience how it feels not having things you need.

This is why he often thought of various ideas that could bring him a lot of money. Even though he loved sports, he wanted to go into a completely different direction, in order to one day become successful.

After finishing his studies in Germany, he wanted to continue learning more so he went on to the Southern California University in Mexico where he graduated from ITAM, Technological Institute.

Saygin started his career at the famous German company BMW. It was there that he mastered his knowledge in sales and marketing. Besides working for BMW, he also worked for L’Oréal, in marketing as well.

When it comes to his family, he was a child of Turkish immigrants that came to Germany in order to find better life. He has a dual citizenship and often goes to visit his home country. He is currently living in Dubai, and visits Germany on occasions.

Career Path

From poor nobody to prolific multi-millionaire – this is the short version of Saygin Yalcin’s career. He can now fulfill almost any of his dreams as a self-made man.

The native German Turk actually comes from simple background. His family came to Berlin as guest workers. The son was born in Bremen. There, the family lived in rather poor conditions: on only 40 square meters with the whole family in the Bremen Neustadt.

But with an idea and a good dose of courage, he still managed to get rich. We estimate the assets of Saygin Yalcin at 500 million euros. These include the shares in his company sellanycar.com, which is currently valued at over one billion US dollars.

In the meantime, not even the entrepreneur’s wardrobe is likely to be at least 40 square meters. It was not only his sharp mind that helped him to his present fortune. Also the daring of the entrepreneur contributed to it.

After graduating from high school, he graduated in business administration with a one-shot average. He has studied not only in Germany, but also in the USA and Mexico.

The emigrant may also decorate himself with a degree from one of the most prestigious business universities in Germany. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration that he obtained from WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management.

Meanwhile, Saygin Yalcin has moved to Dubai. His life could have been quite different. In his youth, the sporty Saygin first appeared as a talented footballer in appearance. The multi-millionaire has even played in Germany’s A-Junior Bundesliga.

However, it was not a football career that should make the German emigrant so rich. While he founded his first company in Germany, the clever businessman soon moved to the United Arab Emirates, where he started Sukar.com. When he sold this platform to souq.com, he started sellanycar.com. At this Internet Company, Saygin also appears as CEO.

That Saygin Yalcin comes to the German market, everyone should be aware. Soft sounds are not his thing, do not wait. “With our technology, we want to become the market leader of specialized car buyers in Germany,” says Yalcin. There is still no “established brand” on the market. Yalcin plans to build this brand in Germany with its startup Sellanycar.com.

The founder with a German passport and Turkish roots – born in Bremen and a WHU graduate – started his startup in Dubai in 2013. The company has already expanded into Turkey, the Emirate of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

According to their own statements, the business has grown threefold since the beginning of the year. His startup buys used cars from private individuals and sells them to car dealers. For the private individual a majority of the evaluation takes place already online or directly by App.

In Germany, Sellanycar is not the first player in the online market: the Auto1 Group has been operating with the same business model since 2012. Only a few weeks ago it became known that investors trade the startup from Berlin with a value of one billion dollars.

The company – also with the label Wirkaufendeinauto.de (WKDA) in the market – previously acted rather under the radar of the startup scene. And there is more competition from Rocket Internet: The startup Ichwillmeinautoloswerden.de is on the way in the market – and Carspring has just collected three million euros with a similar model.

But Yalcin does not disturb the competition. “In the $ 78 billion used car market, every player is still a microplayer,” says Yalcin. It will take another ten years for the competition to become apparent. So far, the online competition is completely irrelevant, says the founder.

His ultimate goal is to break away from the many unprofessional used car dealers who are traveling offline. The goals have been set: “Next year we want to get into the top five of the used car market,” says Yalcin. That means they would have to buy cars in the five-digit range.

And high ratings, like that of Auto1 Group, do not impress Yalcin. A month ago, Bloomberg brought the news that he was on the roadshow for Sellanycar in the US. The goal: 100 million dollars to finance the expansion into Europe. That would make the company worth a billion dollars, he said in an interview.

“We took it with a smile when it came in the press: now Sellanycar is raising $ 100 million,” Yalcin now tells Green Party. No big deal for him. Capital increases are “gear and gifts” to finance growth. Whether the money is already together, he does not want to answer.

These are great sounds for the start of Germany. Only a few weeks ago Yalcins Company started. 27 inspection branches will open the startup in this country in the coming months. There are already branches in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and cities in the Ruhr area are to follow, and in the next two years he is planning 90 branches.

Not nostalgia for his youth brought the founder back to Germany, but pure business: Within Europe, Germany is strategically important for logistics – and a large market. In the coming year, the startup will concentrate on buying cars on Germany. A sales network wants to build the company but also outside of Germany.

His “Entrepreneurial Drive” brought the 31-year-old to Dubai more than five years ago. With a backpack he had just traveled – because for many, the Middle East was still a black box. He set up a shopping website that he sold to the e-commerce company Souq.com three years ago and set out to new ventures.

Yalcin can also tell a nice start-up story for Sellanycar: Back in Dubai, he wanted to sell his car, 25 people answered, at 19 he made an appointment, he said in an interview. “Extremely annoying” was that.

Through various algorithms, he can predict every driver pretty well what his car is worth. Details such as make, model, year and mileage must be provided by the owners. At an inspection appointment, his employees check the condition of the car again and adjust the price under certain circumstances.

On the demand side, car dealers can bid on the car. The startup then gets between five to ten percent commission from the price. If there is no dealer, the startup buys the car itself. This procedure saves the car owner time.

And through the auctions, a higher price could be negotiated. When selling to third parties, a fee between five and ten percent to the startup.

The auction model was copied by the German competitor Wirkaufendeinauto (WKDA) in Dubai, says Yalcin. Otherwise, he speaks little about the competition. The seller is better off: “We do not compete with the market or the competitors, but with the satisfaction of our customers.”

Personal life

On November 3, Kendall Jenner celebrated her 21st birthday in the company of her family, her closest friends and some suitors.

The super model was surrounded by a lot of love, a huge cake and many gifts, however, the most emblematic part of the celebration was when in the middle of her party she received an amazing gift: A Rolls-Royce of the year valued at about 250 thousand Dollars!

At first many, including Kendall, thought that the exclusive car was a gift from Kris Jenner, but the truth is that that was not the case, because the real responsible for giving a new means of transport to the Keeping up with the Kardashians star it was Saygin Yalcin.

Contrary to what many may be imagining, Yalcin is no Kendall suitor or some crazy fan and millionaire; He is rather an old and good friend of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

“[Kris] played an integral role orchestrating the Rolls-Royce gift from his close friend, Saygin, to Kendall,” a source told Us Weekly. “She was so excited and happy to make it happen and she loved being able to give Kendall the keys.”

Saygin, of German origin with Turkish descent, is known among the wealthiest for being the founder and CEO of SellAnyCar.com, a popular car buying service in the Middle East. Yalcin is so millionaire that he has even been included in the Forbes pages for his work.

During the celebration of the biggest Jenner, Saygin also took the opportunity to pose with the hottest stars of the night, such as Hailey Baldwin, Paris Hilton and even Harry Styles.

People who are closest to Saygin describe him as a workaholic and someone whose main focus is his work. He stays awake for longer time that many other people and always gives 100% when it comes to his job.

Saygin’s guilty pleasure is cuisine and he loves eating sushi. He is currently living in Dubai and often spends days relaxing in his big mansion by the pool.

He likes to help other people so he is constantly giving money to charity organizations, and makes sure he is not losing his ground due to all the money he has.

Besides having many expensive things he is very proud of his Bugatti Veyron and he likes to take it for a ride every once in a while. His family never had much, but his parents raised him right, together with his younger sister.

The family lived in only 40 square feet and his sister suffered from epilepsy from an early age. He is still giving a lot of money to find a cure for his sister’s condition, and in order to help her have a better life. We don’t know if he has a girlfriend because he doesn’t like talking about his love life.

Many even say that he is actually married, but doesn’t want to say that to the public. Whether this is true or not, we do know that he is living his best life for sure.

Quick summary

Full name: Saygin Yalcin

Date of birth: May 14th 1985

Birthplace: Bremen, Germany

Age: 34

Profession: Businessman, YouTuber, Lecturer, Entrepreneur

Height: 1.73 m

Weight: 60 kg

Net Worth: 100$ million