The American YouTuber has been a very common name to the followers of the channel who are interested in makeup and beauty, and she is Desi Perkins. She is one of the leading personalities in the social network which offers suggestions on the looks of any individual.

She is popular on YouTube and Instagram as well. She is praised by around 3.3 million followers on the Instagram. On the YouTube she had already gathered innumerable subscriber, the staggering number of the subscriber is definitely more than 2.3 million with more than 122 million views.

The graphic designer, Steven Perkins, who happened to be her husband help Desi in taking videos for the channel. She tries her level best to bring out the best possible guidelines for her followers in respect of fashion. The passionate lady about fashion has a dream to make herself a successful trend maker in the world of fashion and style. Quay Australia has come forward to acknowledge her aptitude by offering her the responsibility of designing their sunglasses.

YouTube channel has played the important role for most of her earnings. Some cosmetic companies engage her in their assignments for their brand. All her effort has enabled her to accumulate a net worth of not less than $0.8 million dollars. Earlier she was a busy freelancer, but in the recent times, Desi is looking after the girls who want to learn makeup.

Early life

Desi was born on 3rd March 1987 in Los Angeles, California, Unites States of America. She was brought up with her siblings who are happened to be her brothers. As far as her ethnicity is concerned, it is a blend of Spain and Mexico. Her father is the main source of inspiration. She considers that anything that she had achieved in life is all because of the father. She wants to be like her father of doing her job without doubting herself.

In her younger days, she thought herself to be a troublemaker. But pondering over her father suggestion of how to do a thing, in the course of time confidence trickled in. Today with this confidence she has grown up as the pretty lady who had taken the load of making other beautiful.

In her college days, when she was 21, Desi had started freelancing as a makeup artist. Before posting her tutorials on the social media, she did this freelancing for about four years. As her makeup ability was astonishing, a lot of suggestion came up to upload her doings on the internet. Her talent was well read by, which is an online site on beauty and Michelle Phan is one of the co-founders.

Her inspiration as far as makeup is concerned is the makeup artist for the famous reality personality Kim Kardashian and she is Mario Dedivanovi. Chrisspy who has earned a huge fame already on the YouTube and happened to be Desi’s friend is also a big source of inspiration in her way.


Her most videos received a high appreciation with an average of more than 1 million views for each upload. She celebrities started requesting Desi for their makeup. Gradually she stopped doing freelancing and concentrated on the social media with her makeup efficacy. She wanted that each one should know the trick of getting beautiful and so started training girls all over the world through her vlogging and video uploads.

In the beginning, the story was not as smooth as it is off now. She shared her views on her own makeup technique and the cosmetic she preferred and started posting her experiences on the Instagram.

The people all around started viewing her posts on Instagram and repetitively suggested her to open her own channel on the YouTube for the tutorials to teach how to do makeup. She got convinced about such suggestion and opened a channel on the YouTube to help out her million admirers in their makeup. She emerged as an artist who does her art with the makeup. She is carrying a deep feeling for the art of drawing from her early childhood. Presently she is happy that she can draw on the face of each with her immaculate aptitude with the eyebrow pencils and lipsticks and brushes.

Her uploads on makeup cover each sphere for any occasions. Ranging from the high profile weddings, gatherings and parties or celebrations her tips is adding extra footage in each individual life with the praise of their beauty. While doing makeup for such high occasions, she never forgets to suggest how one should go on their casual makeup.  Sometimes she also suggests some tips for the hair too. Basically, she is very much focused on helping her followers with the makeup tip as much as she could.

Her husband had always backed her in her activities. In the early part of her life, she learned the technique of video editing from her husband. Today her “Husband does my Makeup” has become the most popular uploads.

She also had uploaded many pictures on the Instagram which has been highly appreciated by her fans. While making the videos Desi concentrate on makeup and the rest is taken care by her husband, Steven.

Personal life

She has exchanged the rings, and the vows with her man Steven Perkins in 2012 and the couple is living a happily married life since then. Steven takes care of all the formalities of doing the business along with the shooting and editing of Desi’s tutorials. Her high profile status has not taken her simplicity, and still, she remains down to earth.

Desi is particularly fond of beaches and whenever she can manage time she spends it on the beaches. She has become a real success in the guidance of her father with husband’s supervision.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Desiree Parkins

Date of Birth: 3rd March 1987

Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA, United States of America

Age: 30 Years Old

Profession: Content Creator, YouTuber, Vlogger

Height: 5 Feet 6 inches

Weight: 53 kg

Net worth: $0.8 million