Even though Nathan Schwandt became the center of the spotlight only after his relationship with the world famous Jeffree Star, he still had a pretty interesting past behind them before all of the fame.

In today’s text we are going to talk about his early childhood, his relationship with Jeffree, but also what he has been doing before he came into the public eye. Stick with us to find out more.

Early Life

Nathan Schwandt was born on 18th of August 1993 in Michigan. Nathan grew up with his brother Zack, who is also now in the spotlight, due to his open connections with some of the world most famous you tubers.

During his early years, Nathan was dating girls, but didn’t realize that he was actually bisexual.

Jeffree is the first man that he has been with, which was a surprise for him as well.

Jeffree was openly gay for decades, and Nathan found his other side after meeting Jeffree. There isn’t any information about his family, so we cannot tell anything more about them.

Career Path

We cannot speak about Nathan without mentioning his other half, Jeffree Star. This world famous you tuber is the bread maker of the family, but Nathan has been a great support to Jeffree throughout the entire process of starting his own brand.

Nathan mostly does jobs related to deliveries and managing other important jobs within the company. This gives him a substantial salary, but Jeffree likes to shower Nathan with gifts besides the money he earns through work.

People whose fame goes back to Myspace are counted and they remain relevant to date. That is the case of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson: both managed to transform their recognition in social networks into a success thanks to YouTube. And when two stars of such caliber are together in a project, you know that it will be something big.

Dawson’s new production, The Secret World of Jeffree Star is a series that documents and exposes the life of the most controversial makeup guru on the Internet with the same acid humor that characterizes both. After being involved in scandals over his public image, racist comments and fights with other celebrities, Jeffree presents a face he usually doesn’t show on his social networks.

The series tells how the star went from being bankrupt to creating a multi-million dollar cosmetic company.

Throughout five parts, Shane delves into Star’s life to exhibit his exorbitant fortune, transforms into him (Gucci makeup and total-look included) to get the full experience, visit the businessman’s huge production plant and He takes him to his old apartment to remember the darkest moments of his past. We leave you 10 of the best revelations of this series.

Star started a music career by releasing her Beauty Killer album in 2009 and even signed with Akon’s record label a year later, but Jeffree’s producer scandals and depression took him to a place where nothing happened and his life as a musician, she was buried.

“I really signed [with Akon] because I had spent all my money; I no longer made so much money on Myspace because I was dying and had to pay my taxes. It was honestly a very dark time in my life.

I went to him to help me stay afloat and not starve. I sold out shows and my merch was the bestselling Hot Topic in 2009, but they still made fun of me. I wanted to prove to myself and everyone that I was a real artist, but it never happened and it was devastating. ”

While Shane is transformed by special guest James Charles to prove a bit of what it’s like to live like Jeffree, the YouTuber remembers that Star once told him off camera that he had an era as an escort and became sexually involved with several celebrities for money and for fun.

When Shane tries to get a name from Jeffree, he mentions that he received death threats to prevent him from revealing the identity of his clients. “It’s not worth saying names, it’s just sex.

If they didn’t want it to be known that I was attracted to them or that they liked men, that’s their business and I wasn’t going to be the person to exhibit them and ruin their personal and family lives. ”

Jeffree has not had very good luck when it comes to friendships, he is famous for his public fights on Twitter with celebrities like Kat Von D and Kylie Jenner.

In the documentary he says he doesn’t have many friends because in Los Angeles there is no loyalty, so he doesn’t need a huge dining room and instead has an air hockey table and a collection of more than 100 pinball machines that he plays with His couple.

“Since I was little I saw a lot of fashion, my mom had subscriptions from Cosmopolitan and Vogue and every month I opened the magazines and said ‘I want to be the girl of that ad’. I simply have a great appreciation for fashion. ”

And it is something he exhibits in his daily life; Shane takes us to Jeffree’s wardrobe where he has the most recent Gucci collection in its entirety, Versace gowns, dozens of Christian Louboutin shoes, and even a Dior bag of which there are only three pieces and the owners of the other two are nothing more and nothing less than Beyoncé and Rihanna.

Jeffree has never exposed his life as an entrepreneur in his social networks because he believes that his audience would not find it interesting, but in the documentary he reveals that in addition to his successful makeup company, he operates around ten different businesses as a distribution center, he produces merch for bands the likes of Korn, in addition to having multiple investments in real estate and even in the marijuana industry.

While visiting the offices of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Shane and his friends make a dynamic where they have to propose an idea for a new product and Shane’s idea left YouTube commentators and even Jeffree himself excited.

A palette of shadows inspired by conspiracy theories in a packaging adorned with Illuminati symbols? Shut up and take my money!

Nathan has a net worth of around several hundred thousand dollars, but his net worth is not yet estimated. The number is probably around 500$ thousand. Combined with Jeffree’s net worth of several millions the two of them are able to live a very lavish lifestyle.

Personal life

At this point, there are few things that have not already been said of the well-known make-up artist, singer and you tuber, Jeffree Star.

However, the fame and money he has achieved so far would not have been possible without the unconditional support of her boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt the surprising thing is that there are those who say that the boy is only with the controversial Jeffree to take advantage of him … just as they hear him!

Nathan was born on August 18, 1993 in Michigan, and has a younger brother named Zach, who has lived a season in Los Angeles with Nathan and has appeared in several videos of Jeffree.

But, returning to the origins, Nathan worked as an employee of a pet store in Michigan until he met Jeffree … and all products of bravery and good luck … we already explained why.

This love story began when Nathan sent a direct message to Jeffree on Instagram. The you tuber was struck by the boldness and originality of the handsome boy; so they started exchanging messages and video calls. Cupid had already done his job when Jefree invited Nathan to Los Angeles. It was then that love arose…

They were soulmates! So they decided to formalize their relationship, and now they have been together for almost 5 years now. In that period they have overcome criticism and prejudice of those who claimed that it would only be a passing romance.

And since the beginning of the relationship, Nathan has had to endure thousands of criticisms that point to him as a fortune hunter. That is due to the controversy surrounding whether he is gay or not, since he had only been with girls until he met Jeffree Star.

For his part, he has replied that he has always been attracted to men who wear women’s clothes and them makeup. However, being from such a conservative region of the United States, he had kept his preferences secret.

Regarding the accusations that he only seeks Jeffree’s money, we must admit that it does not appear to be true. We say it because when Nathan started dating Jeffree, he wasn’t that famous and hadn’t started his two most successful businesses yet.

The YouTube channel and the cosmetics company are not only a product of Jeffree’s splendid personality, but also of the support he receives from Nathan, a boy who is not afraid of hard work and life under the public eye every day ; all the time.

So far Nathan seems to be the opposite of a fortune hunter, and it is even said that it was he who encouraged Jeffree to start his YouTube channel.

The Michigan-born has collaborated on several videos in which he talks about their relationship and shares makeup secrets. The channel is having an incredible success because it has more than 15 million followers!

In addition, he has also helped Jeffree with his cosmetics company working in the store, as well as promoting part of his products and being a brand image. The couple even launched a line of cosmetics called “Family Collection.”

But, that is not the only thing the couple has in common, since they both have a business selling cannabis. According to what Jeffree said in a YouTube video, although he does not like alcohol, he is a great defender of this plant and supports its application for therapeutic use.

Although … in the case of Jeffree and Nathan it does not seem that the only use is medicinal … You understand me.

However, not everything is business in the life of Nathan Schwandt, but he also knows how to enjoy his free time. This guy doesn’t skimp when it comes to sharing his hobbies for social networks.

Nathan is a skateboard expert, and in several videos we can see how he performs a series of impressive tricks. In addition, apparently he is not bad at surfing, since he has also shared several videos uploaded to his table.

What’s more, he loves any outdoor activity, and he also shares them with Jeffree as we can see in another Instagram photo where they both go horse riding, while watching a beautiful sunset.

But, although Nathan loves to do outdoor activities, he also likes to spend time at home with Jefree. Both are movie lovers, but Nathan has a special predilection for the Star Wars saga. So much is his fanaticism that even… He got a Yoda tattoo on his leg!

And we must admit, Curious, that although we love the saga of Star Wars … Maybe he could have chosen a more graceful character to get tattooed! They do not believe? But, well, this is not the only representative tattoo of this boy, since he also tattooed a picture of his grandfather when he was young! … A pretty tender gesture; that says a lot about your values ​​as a person.

Seeing how nice he is, and how well he knows how to enjoy his free time, it is normal for Jeffre to be madly in love with him. A clear example of that love is that Jeffre had been no less than 7 years single until Nathan appeared in his life.

Since then the two complement each other perfectly. In addition, the splendid Jeffree wanted to surprise Nathan on his birthday with a spectacular trip to Bora Bora! One of his greatest wishes … And for whom not! … Dream beaches, crystal clear waters … In short, a paradise!

The truth is very difficult to understand how, with so much love that they detach from each other, and after several years of relationship, they have not yet decided to marry!

Regarding this, Jefree has said that, although they are very happy together, they believe that a piece of signed paper will not change how they both feel about their relationship. And, although it is not something they discard, at the moment it is not something they have planned … at least not in the short term.

But … we have another question, Curious: Will they plan to have children? Although, somehow they already have them, and specifically they are 5.

Of course, we talk about their beautiful Pomeranian puppies, which, for both of them are their adorable little babies, and treat them like true kings.

Before meeting Nathan, Jeffree already had two of them: Diamon and Diva. However, when they started dating together they expanded the family, and 3 other new puppies appeared: Delicious, Daddy and Drama.

They adore their dogs and they consider them their children. Whether the will ever adopt children and extend their family, we will have to wait and see.

Quick summary

Full name: Nathan Schwandt

Date of birth: August 8th, 1993

Birthplace: Michigan, USA

Age: 26

Profession: Instagram star

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 70 kg

Net Worth: 500$ thousand