Rich Lewis Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Rich Lewis Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Born in Idaho, with his wife Lewis lives in the Ruby Valley of southern Montana. He has a team of Hound and these team of Hound he follows the mountain lions. His life patterns remind the pre-historic living conditions of mountain people.

The normal man would not imagine even to stay in the wildest cold of the high altitudes. Unlike other average people, Lewis had accepted the challenge of surviving in the most insecure conditions. The worldwide popularity of Lewis came up with the telecast of “Mountain Men.” The earning of this tracker improved significantly after the series. His net worth is estimated to be in the range of $300 thousand.

Early life

In the western part of United States of America, Lewis was born in Idaho. From the very early childhood, he used to get fascinated by nature. Particularly the mountains have a special attraction for the child. After his childhood, he married Diana Lewis and moved to the isolated areas of Montana. The couple is living in this tremendous condition for about twenty-six years.

We have no other idea about Lewis’s childhood or anything regarding his parents or siblings. Other than his wife, Lewis has not shared anything with the media, not even regarding his children and others member of the family. Perhaps other than nature he has no further inclination towards normal human relations.


Lewis life is full of dangers and risks. His wife, Hounds, and nature are his companions. The man wants to keep himself away from the normal crowd as far as possible. Although the man has earned enormous popularity after the series has come up on the TV. In the most talk about series Lewis shared the screen with Morgan Beasley, Eustace Conway, Tom Oar and Marty Meierotto. All this son of nature is perhaps an example for the modern man to survive with nature and not against it.

When the normal average man would switch on the room-heater even in the mildest cold Lewis would deny such practice. He had accepted long back the extreme severity of unbearable cold winds of the high altitude. The question of modern amenities does not arise at all. He is amongst the few human who has the courage to rage against nature but with a gracious approach. The long Montana winters would not ask him to leave the place and abstain from the extreme beauty of natural environment. The man had embraced the beauty and risk of nature together.

His committed life would always ask him to follow the mountain lions and other heinous beasts. The atrocities of this peak of Montana will always welcome him to explore the extremities of the mountain range further. His venture involves treeing in the woods and tracking lions. Hunting elk is very normal for Lewis to help his wife prepare the dinner. His life follows the historic mountain men footsteps. He does not have any complaint about living in the most deserted Ruby Valley in the southern Montana; rather he enjoys every bit of it.

Lewis used to chase the mountain lion with the help of jagged hound. The chasing of mountain lions always has a risk. Lewis had lost his favorite Roxie, a prize hound, while into such venture. The extreme natural condition of Ruby Valley or the hostility of the wolves and lions have rather inspired him to stay with them.

Lewis passion for such venture as hunting and tracking had given him the scope of getting a job to protect the inhabitants of Ruby Valley. The common villagers of the area always remained frightened with the risk of lion or wolves. Now the villagers feel better as they have the brave man with them to beat out the animals. Lewis since then is protecting the village farmers and their livestock from the threats of mountain lions and wolves or other dangerous creatures. Some time because of the terror regarding the attack of ferocious animals Lewis had to patrol the area to give the people a sense of relief.

Only recently the channel approached Lewis for their program “Mountain Men, ” and he has become a hero for many viewers. Lewis had shown the world how to survive in a hostile environment which is always surrounded by risks and hardship.

Personal life

Other than his wife Diana, Lewis does not have any other personal relationships in the Ruby Valley of his Montana range. He is so mingled up with the totality of the area that his life does not have any other meaning if he is not in the clinch with the cliffs of the mountain Montana.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Rich Lewis

Date of Birth: NA

Birth Place: Idaho, United States of America

Age: In his fifties

Profession: Tracking and Hunting

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $300,000


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