It is true that nobody knows when the life would take a massive turn. Perhaps the famous rapper Sizzla is the best example for this. While attending his initial mechanical engineering classes, he would have never imagined himself to be one successful rapper in future.

But today the Jamaican rapper had earned massive popularity with his reggae music. He has come up with several releases and become successful commercially and as a reggae artist as well. His prolific reggae endeavors had taken him to the pinnacle of contemporary dancehall movement.

He worked for the revival of the dancehall along with Capleton and Banton. Though condemning Western oppressors and homosexuality, his compositions with Rastafarian influence has tremendous respect for the women and compassion for the youth who belong to the poor black class.

He tried to show the way through his successful albums “Don’t Mislead the Youths,” “In the Gambia” and “Crucial Times.” Being one of most successful reggae artist, Sizzla had earned not less than 1 million dollars as his estimated net worth.

Early life

Sizzla was born as Miguel Orlando Collins on 17th April 1976 in St Mary, Kingston, Jamaica. There is no detail information available about his childhood days, only that he was born a family where Rastafarian is followed strictly. He studied at Dunoon High School. He was previously pursuing a career in mechanical engineering. While growing in his teenage, dance halls were of great attraction for him, and gradually his interest in reggae music got a profound influence on him. He saw great upheaval in the Jamaican life with drugs, brutality, and vulgarity.

He was a keen follower of the Rastafarian system and sometime in the 90s got into Bobo Ashanti who believes that the injustice and oppression are the most disgraceful attitudes of humanity. Young Sizzla wanted to spread this message to the world through his reggae music. Jamaica has its glory of dancehall genre but very few had adopted the genre and in the passage of time splendor has fallen to the ground. Sizzle felt the urgency to bring it back to its original stature. Instead of his enigmatic life pattern, he had earned the reputation of one of the most conscious artist. He has the strength of singing some melodious tune along with the fast raps with rough and gravelly voice.


In 1995 he began his career with a single from an unpopular label Zagalou. After some time he joined Bobby Dixon’s Digital B but fail to make any real schedule for a release. The breakthrough came when on the recommendation Dean Fraser he went to Philip Burrell producer of the label Xterminator. Then from Xterminator Sizzla came out a series of releases of his singles. This included “Life’s Road,” “Judgement Morning,” “We Uh Fear,” “Blaspheme,” “I’m Not Sure” and “The Gun.” After this, his debut LP was released with the title “Burning Up” from the same label. After this release, he joined Mikey General and Luciano for some extensive tour.

Sizzla had started his career, and some popularity had encouraged him to present to his audience something more appealing. But he got the recognition after the release of his sophomore album, “Praise Ye Jah” which was released in 1997. The success of the album was echoed by another release in the same year under Dixon production “Black Women & Child.” The title track had almost become an anthem for the reggae music listeners.

He was then aware of his acceptance in public just not for the music but also because of the conscious musical delivery. He kept on furnishing with magnificent compositions one after the other. His memorable hits during this time included “Babylon Cowboy,” “Like Mountain,” “Kings of the Earth” and a popular duet with Luciano “Build a Better World.”

His “Freedom Cry” with singles “Rain Shower” and “Love Amongst My Brethren” was quite successful. In 1999 he released three albums namely “Good Ways,” “Be I Strong” and “Royal Son of Ethiopia.” Next year three more albums reached the musical store which included “Liberate Yourself,” “Words of Truth” and “Bobo Ashanti.” Music was just flowing freely, and unstoppable Sizzla released “Black History,” “Rastafari Teach I Everything,” “Taking Over” and “Blaze up the Chalwa” in 2001. Later he moved towards little melodious tunes and came up with “Da Real Thing,” “Light of My World,” “Rise to the Occasion,” “Soul Deep” and more. He never stopped himself from creating music and released “The Messiah” in 2013 which was his 70th album. “876” was released in 2016 with a guest appearance of Samira Taylor and Jah Cure. In 2017 Sizzla had released “Fought for Dis” and a single “I’m Yours.”

Personal life

There is disclosed from the artist of reggae genre about his marital relationship. But he had once posted a photo of a lady with a little boy but did not state who they are. Even so, Sizzla has two sons whom he calls as Meleku and Raheim. His sons are interested in music and pursuing a musical career.

Sizzla moved to Zimbabwe in 2010. Over the years Sizzla had gathered enough fame, but rose does not grow without thorns. He is banned from entering the United Kingdom and Germany. Lastly, in America, the gay followers strongly protested against him. Many of concerts were canceled all over the world. But no can deny that reggae artist has claimed a mark of respect for his rebellion musical stance.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Miguel Orlando Collins

Date of Birth: April 17th, 1976

Birth Place: St Mary, Jamaica

Age: 42 Year Old

Profession: Reggae Musician and Singer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1 Million