A believer of action had always devoted to the performance. He had never shown much interest in the spreading of popularity. It might seem otherwise if we are influenced by the fame of some icon but if one can judge by success or accomplishment of action, then Swiss Beatz is perhaps the best example.

Furthermore, he is the most imitating character of any aspirant who loves work instead of circulation of his exaggerated popularity in tabloids. His dedication and supreme sincerity towards his ambition have made him one the richest rap stars of all time in the scope of global music.

He has not concentrated on his success rather had always searched out a different way for the accomplishment of another upcoming musical aspirant. There is a huge number of most successful rap stars who had achieved only because Swiss Beatz had given them a wonderful start which is one of the prime requirements in building a satisfying career. He has been considered by many as the most committed producer. Started as Disc Jockey and now known as the most proficient rapper who also produce take up the role record executive and is a gifted creative director.

He is also known as a fashion designer as well. It is natural that all these efforts have gathered enough wealth as the recognition of his dedication towards his action. It will grow up still further, but presently Swiss has gathered not less than 70 million dollars as his estimated net worth.

Early life

Swiss Beatz, the American rap star was born as Kasseem Dean on the 13th September 1978 at The Bronx, New York City, United States of America. He was born with the zodiac sign Virgo and has an Afro-American ethnicity. He could hardly remember his father as very early when Swiss was just a kid his parents failed to continue their relationship without considering their baby. His father was an immigrant from Eritrea and was working in the capacity of a mailman. After the divorce, his mother took up the responsibility of her child.

He was enrolled in the Harry S. Truman High School, but after some time the experience at the school was not encouraging and frequently got involved with some brawl or other frightening incidents. These events encouraged the initiation to ponder over other engagement to prosper in life. While growing up in the Bronx, he began to play as DJ. One good thing happened in his life that his two uncles have formed Ruff Ryders, a record label doing its business reasonably good.

He got in with his uncles and started giving more time to master the art. With the Triton and Korg Trinity keyboards and under the guidance of his all family members Beatz started creating tracks when he was still in the vibrant teenage imaginations. At the age sixteen Beatz started recording his tracks newly composed and after one more year DMX was created. His first beat remains one of his biggest hit raps. His DMX had given Ruff Riders to justify the title of their label.


The first impression has always been the last impression. His opening with the bang has created a scope to be engaged with the prominent stars of the field. His “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” got the appreciation in almost all the top charts during that period. He contributed in the composition of almost all songs of the Ruff Ryders album Ryde and Die Vol. I.  Gradually he got recognition for his creation and became one of most inevitable part of the Ruff Ryders Entertainment. He got in contact with the eminent personalities like Eve, Jay-Z and few more.  He made a major contribution to the creation of debut album of Eve.

He was growing with the experience of the field. After being associated with the Ruff Ryders for quite some time, Beatz realized to cater to his best he has to create his label where his imagination would not require being proved to the other members of the group. He opened up his own label Full Surface Records with the assistance of Clive Davis. He wanted to give his label a matching initial beginning as his own, so he signed up Cassidy to rap under his label. After this, he worked with many different artists of other labels and gradually his fame spread out in the musical circuit.

During these times, his original singles were also gaining grounds with their unique composition filled with innovative style. ‘Bigger Business’ or ‘Guilty’ which earned popularity because of their merit had also acted as the catalyst for the massive success of the producer-rapper. The mentioned two singles are the most popular singles of the album “Swiss Beatz Presents G.H.E.T.T.O Stories” which was released in 2002.  On the Billboard Hot R&B and Hip Hop Song charts reached the highest rank.

In 2007 August he came up with his debut solo album “One Man Band Man.” More than 45 thousand copies were sold in the initial weeks, and the album was highly appreciated by the music lovers of the stream for the singles like “Money in the Bank,” “It’s Me Bitches” and few more. Then in 2009, the rapper-producer had the busiest period of his life when he produced various albums of the most successful artist of the period. The list is enriched by Whitney Houston, Chris Brown, Ludacris, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Lil Wayne and many more popular artists for whom the world of music hold their breath for some outstanding compilations. The following year the creative producer has been in the among the most prominent 81 artists of this generation in the creation of “We are the World 25 for Haiti’. The world received this matchless creation in 2010 during the Winter Olympics which held in Vancouver.

The happy journey of success was hailing from one shore of success towards the other. The fans were since then never disheartened by the rapper from not creating some priceless compilation. In 2011 he engaged with Jay-Z to create “On to the Next One” and bagged the ‘Best Rap Performance Duo’ of Grammy. In 2010 he got into an agreement the most prestigious brands of entertaining industry the Warner Music Group and Everest Entertainment. After one year of the contract, Swiss Beatz released his sophomore album ‘Haute Living’ on 28th March 2011. The Source had included this eminent personality in their 20 greatest producers list. About.com in their display of Greatest Hip-Hop Producers ranked Swiss Beatz #27. Kaneya West declared Swiss Beats as the greatest producers in the history of rap music. Currently Swiss is producing few singles each year.

In 2013 he released ‘Hands Up.’ Swiss Beatz has been seen in the ‘Show Me The Money’ which has been organized in South Korea. He had also ventured into musical series ‘Monster Monday.’ Along with his engagement in the musical endeavor, Beats had also kept some time for fashion designing.

Personal life

Exceptional personalities always do their actions extraordinarily. In this aspect, his marriage is also a memorable one. Alicia Keys the singer with many Platinum and the proficiency in lyrics have been in his life since 2009 May. While expecting a child, the duo decided to marry and finally got married in 2010. One thing has always come up in the history of human evolution that exceptional characters have always gone with the impulse of natural instinct. Though his relationship with Alicia has been highly hyped by the media, the producer had other relations too which got the same attention.

His relation with Mashonda Tifrere who is a singer was also hyped when the duo got in relation in 1998 and married in 2004 to get divorced after four years. Along with these two singers, Swiss Beatz also had relation with Nicole Levy with whom he has a child Prince Nasir Dean. With his first wife, he has Kasseem David Dean Jr. There is another lady in his life Jahna Sebastian, a singer, with whom he got a daughter Nicole Dean which he came to know after one year of the child’s birth. Back to the present with Alicia Beatz has become the father of Genesis Ali Dean and Egypt Daoud.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Kasseem Dean

Date of Birth: 13th September 1978

Birth Place: The Bronx, New York City, United States of America

Age: 40 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Painter, Record Producer

Height: 6 Feet 1 Inch / 1.85 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $70 Million