Jacka hails from Pittsburg and has worked and associated himself with several collaboration namely, Mob Figaz. Jacka also got collaborated with several other prominent singers and reputed rappers.

Jacka got released several of his solo debut albums and had given much to the rap industry. His labels were associated with are C-Bo, Mac Dre, Freeway, Paul Wall, Joe Blow Baby Bash, and Gorilla Pits, San Quinn.

His net worth is estimated somewhere around $150 thousand.

Early life

Dominick Newton is the birth name of Jacka of 12th August 1977 in Pittsburg, California, United States of America. Jacka was born to young parents, and his upbringing was on the west coast. His parents had a divorce; he started spending his childhood days on the pavement of the city, as he was abandoned by his parents at a quite an early age. His hardships influenced his lyrics significantly, and it was got depicted through his typical music style.

His talent was known to people for his unique styles and for the varied description he brought about writing about the special kind of lifestyle the West Coast thug.

He had a unique voice which made him recognized as a terrific artist. Unlike the other recognized rappers, The Jacka did not like to glamorize his criminal lifestyle, which made him distinctly separate from the other rappers of the same music genre. The Jacka considered himself to be the biggest musical models and considered Marvin Gaye to be his idol, he was unafraid to explore the possibility of inner darkness in the making and considered it as man’s primeval nature, but he had learned to put it all together with his passionate tunes of rap music.


Jacka started seriously with his career by joining the group the Mob Figaz. The group released its debut album C-Bo’s Mob Figaz in the year 1999. It was a super hit and got its position at 63rd listed in the Billboard segment. In Dominick’s debut album named 160,000 units in total were sold. He also released his initial debut solo album; it was titled “Jacka of the Mob Figaz.” His terrific debut solo album was sold off like hotcakes and amounted to 30000 units altogether. Jacka went for releasing his second album ‘The Jack Artist,” but this time he failed in his attempt.

In 2009, Jacka released the 3rd album, “Tears Gas’. Finally, this album got ranked at a 93rd position on the Billboard list. The Street Album t was released in 2007 and ranked in the position 80 under the Billboard category. Some of best albums Dominick had come up with; The Jack Artist, Jack of All Trades, The Street Album, Jacka of the Mob Figaz, Tear Gas, The Verdict, The Sentence, Broad Daylight, Flight Risk, The Appeal, Murder Weapon and What happened to the World, We Mafia.

Personal life

Dominick Newton is a man of great repute and personality. He decided to get converted to Islam which made him change his name to the Great Shaheed Akbar. Jacka finally got married on October 22, in the year 1999. It marriage took place in Harris County, Texas. He married Karen B. Ganes.

After gaining a lot of success, he suddenly got into a controversial matter. One problem or other always made Jacka puzzled and be in the pressure of losing the reputation and dignity.

But unfortunately, Dominick was finally sentenced of a theft that was made in the Contra Costa County in the year 2000. He spent almost a whole year in jail after the incident.

The other prisoners named him there Jacka, and it became his nickname and got stuck in the minds of people. Dominick was also involved in the controversies of doping. While being a prisoner in jail, Dominick decided to get converted to the religion Islam and then after few days he was given a release from prison. Jacka then came out to be completely clean of the habit of drug addiction.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Dominick Newton

Date of Birth: 12th August 1977

Birth Place: Pittsburg, California, United States of America

Died On: 2nd February 2015 (at the Age of 37 years)

Profession: Rapper

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $150 Thousand