Jana Duggar Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Jana Duggar Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

When the personal world of any individual is shrinking for whatever the reason may be but Jana belong to the world of ambiguity for any normal individual. Raised eyebrows would be amazed to listen she have eighteen more siblings.

She is one among the daggers, she is the eldest of all and her parents call her as Jana. Jana had appeared in movies and documentaries for television. Her appearance on TLC with “14 Children and Pregnant Again” has brought her in the limelight. She is taking care for her younger sibling and still managed to earn $400,000 of net worth.

Early life

Jana was born on 12th January, 1990 in Tonti town in the Washington County, Arkansas, United Stated. She was born with John David, her twin brother, to Jim Bob Dugger and Michell Duggar. Jim was a renowned real estate agent. Actually her parents were selling used cars and then moved towards real estate business. The family believed birth control as a something contravening with natural phenomenon and hence firmly avoided. Jana is called as Jana Banana by her loved ones. She is a minute older to Josh. She learnt to play piano and violin.

For any complete family photo album, beside John there will few more. Joshua, Joseph, Josiah, Jedidah Robert, Jeremiah Robert, Jason, James, Justin Jackson Levi will be joining one by one. Among the boys there will be some more childrens who are Jana’s sisters. They are Jilll, Jessa Lauren, Jinger, Joy-Anna, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace and Josie. It would not be completed unless we include Tyler Hutchins who is the adopted brother of all these siblings. All these siblings with their parent is enough to start 11-a side match without any outside intervention.

Jana didn’t go for any formal schooling rather with her all siblings she was homeschooled. Furthermore Jana does not have any plan whatsoever for further studies. To prone up her education she was enrolled for ACE, IBPL and ColllegePlus programs as all her siblings. She was groomed as a Baptist and is inclined to a tremendous faith and surrender towards the Almighty God. She has an immense reliance on the purity. The conservative family of Jana has imposed some norms of dressing as well.


The family was approached by the TLC network to cover the extraordinary life condition. When the program was shown on TV people started getting interest in the Duggars. With a very short span the family realized they are being watched by many around the globe through the reality show. Jana gave her first appearance with the telecast of “14 Children and Pregnant Again”. The whole family went to New York City for the show. Then after, she was regular in all the session of “19 Kids and Counting”.

She had appeared in “16 Children and Moving In” and Raising 16 Children”.

Jana had given her pen to publish a book “Growing Up Duggar : Its all about Relationship”. This book was released in 2014. Currently Jana is voluntarily serving Tontitown Fire Department and she takes the role of first respondent. She also serve as midwife in many cases along with her other siblings. She is also associated with “Journey to Heart”.

It really big and someone is needed who can look after the whole proceedings. So she had accepted the responsibility and had started living in Tontitown. In a 7000 square feet home Jana is in charge of looking after her younger siblings with their baby-sitting. Kitchen is very important area of any good home and she has accepted the role to serve the family with delicacies.

Personal life

In the personal area is too personal with herself. She kept herself away from any relationship. Although her younger siblings have shown interest in normal life of falling love and maturing that to marriage she has kept herself away. The character of Esther and Job of Bile is her favorite. She loves the song “To God Be the Glory”. She has a special liking for Italian delicacies.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jana Duggar

Date of Birth: 12th January, 1990

Birth Place: Tonti town in the Washington County, Arkansas, United Stated

Age: 27 Years

Profession: Writer

Height: 1.61 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $400,000


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