Todd Chrisley is a TV person that acts in reality shows in America and even produces those. He is more known for his controversies than his work.

Early life:

Todd was born on April 6, 1969 as an American child. His hometown, Georgia, has always been a home to his ancestors which are all caucasian. He said that his childhood was reallly great and that he spent a lot of time with his family and friends. He tries to keep contact with them today too.

As a child, he recalls spending a lot of time in Westminster in South Carolina. He says that his family was always really modest, small, nothing too extreme.

There isn’t really much information about his education. He tries to let his family live a peaceful life and therefore doesn’t reveal much information related to their hometown.

His brother was always very good to him and the boys are in a great relationship nowadays too. They used to ride bikes all of the time.

However, many people claim that the brothers don’t hang out anymore and the proof is that they have never been seen together outside.

Career development:

Todd started his career out by appearing on shows and becoming more known to the nation. He was called for smalller gigs and since he is likeable, people digged his vibe.

He was a guest on Steve Harvey’s show and The Domenick Nati Show. These were his very first opportunities to show himself and make a good impact on the crowd. He always makes jokes and tries to be funny.

He started out making a show called Chrisley Knows Best. It’s a show about him and his friends, family. He says that it was one of his best decisions to start it up since he gained quite some fame through it. Actually, there are currently five seasons of it.

He is a billionaire, as people predict, but has his money split into his child’s accounts. Some people believe that he is actually in a hard financial state, but all of these rumors have never been confirmed.

People love asking about his career and he had confirmed he is successful but is against sharing the amount of money he earns.

There were many controveries his way, mostly related to money. The thing is, he claimed he had to file for a personal bankrupcty a few times, yet people knew he was very rich. However, he claimed that he was deep in debt and had to pay a huge amount of money that he owes. All of this kept him on the front pages of many magazines.

During his career, he wanted to be a country singer too. He made a song called “Infinite Love” and he said it was meant for his wife whom he loves very much. He plans to make a whole album for Christmas and says that it will be the best thing he made in his career.

Personal life:

He has a wife and five children. Todd claims that his family fulfills his life in many ways: they support him, they make him feel wanted, they are a huge part of his life.

His first wife is called Teresa Terry and during their marriage, they have had two daughters. They have had a divorce since she was completely devastated by the fact that he was abusing her. The media was very interested in this scenario when it happened and therefore they didn’t let the couple breathe. It all led to a big media exposure which eventually made their lives a lot harder.

Lindsie Chrisley Campbell and Kyle Chrisley decided that their best option is to live with their father after the couple got divorced.

His next wife was called Julie Chrisley and these two have had threechildren and they are called: Grayson Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley and Chase Chrisley.

He is currently still with his wife and they are residing in Westminster in South Carolina. They have a big mansion there and the show mostly takes place there.

His children have acting careers and they appear on the TV a lot. However, the media thinks that their father is the thing that helped them the most.

His family is often included in controversies related to legal isuess and the media loves the action they have going  on. They are always followed by cameras since they live like the Kardashian family: from the fame they get by living their controversial and wild lives.

One of the most popular questions related to Todd has always been the one regarding his sexuality. People are interested in whether he is gay or not.

He had a problem with his sister-in-law too. During one of his divorces, there have been various problems that Todd couldn’t settle and his sister-in-low decided to pay him to be quiet to the media since she didn’t want him to bring any extra attention on the wife.

His oldest son has previously had battles with drug addictions and has acted only in the first season of the family show. However, he is much more problematic when he speaks about his father. He claims that his dad is a snake that does everything for money.

Todd has previously been related to rumours where he sexually harassed his employees and he has had many problems with the court. He always pays the bail and somehow gets out of his problems.

Chrisley is known for being arrogant and oftenly forgetting other people exist. He claims that the most important thing there is in his house are his happiness and his money. He also said that it doesn’t matter if the other people in the hose don’t feel okay with one of his decisions because it’s his decision and that’s the only thing that matters.

He has also been rumoured to get plastic surgery. People claim that if you pay enough attention that you can see his pictures changing and his facial features slowly becoming more and more artificial.

Quick summary

Full name: Todd Christley

Date of birth: April 6, 1969

Birthplace: Georgia, USA

Age: 48

Profession: TV person

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Net Worth: $5 million