James Corden is a famous actor, writer, producer, singer, host, entertainer and much more. He comes from Great Britain and, surely, he is great!

He is known for so many things a regular person would think he was blessed with all of the talents one could have! For his beautiful work that cheers up people daily, James has received OBE: an order called Order of the British Empire.

This is something not many people have and it is a true honor to get it. It means that you have significantly changed the everyday life of British people and for James, he did that by cheering up people daily and making their lives a bit better.

Early years

James Corden has a middle name and it’s Kimberley.

He was born on August 22nd in 1978 in the very capital od Great Britain itself. To be more precise, he was born in Hillingdon in London and his parents are called Margaret and Malcolm.

His father was a person who was involved with music during his career, especially in the Royal Air Force band. His mother was not into art, but she passed her great values onto James by being a social worker.

James grew up in Hazlemere in Buckinghamshire. He was a pupil who liked to learn, but only the stuff he thought was interesting. Therefore, his attending in the Park Middle School and later on Holmer Green Upper School wasn’t all that too successful.

He has two sisters, one older and one younger. James is very happy to say that he has great relationships with both of them. The older one is Andrea Henry and the younger is Ruth Corden.

During his childhood, he has been attending the Salvation Army church, but later on in life, things changed for him and nowadays he does not consider himself a Christian anymore.

We don’t know much about his wishes to go to college because as soon as he was 18, he went on to find some work in the art and entertainment field.

Everyone that knew him always said how much of a talent he was for comedy. He used to make everyone laugh and cheer them up so they knew he would do great once he starts.

Career development

When he was 18, he got a one-line part in an adaptation of Martin Guerre. This was in 1996. People noticed that he has a great speaking voice so he soon got a role on Good Morning with Anne and Nick. This was a show on BBC where he was a reporter for the first time.

In 1999, he was in Boyz Unlimited and, although this didn’t make him famous, James started to get small roles.

He was in Tango ads in 1998, in Teachers in 2000, in Hollyoaks during the same year.

Many people started to get interested in him so he was on Little Britain and also on Dalziel and Pascoe too. This was in 2004 and people were seriously wondering who this young guy is. He was a great combination of funny yet professional and for James, it has always been very important to be balanced.

His early films were Whatever Happened  to Harold Smith?, All or Nothing, Heartlands and Cruise of the Gods.

Between 2000  and 2005, he was in Fat Friends. This was one of his huge roles that helped him rise in the eyes of other producers. He played Jamie Rymer and for this he was nominated by the Royal TV Society Award.

In 2004, he was in The History Boys, produced by the famous Alan Bennett. At this time, he was still having some shows in Broadway and was enjoying the stage life very much. However, he soon realized that he needs to settle down for his career where he will have a true name.

In 2006, he was in a movie called Starter for 10.

He is a host of his own show, a very famous one, called The Late Late Show with James Corden. It is a TV talk show that airs on CBS.

It is famous not only because James has a huge number of people that come and play different games, but for the content he creates there, making each show a bit more special when he makes up new cool things.

He is also famous for collaborating with an actress called Ruth Jones. Ruth is a Welsh actress who also writes novels and series.

The duo created and played parts in the ever so famous comedy series called Gavin & Stacey. It is a BBC work of art. The public loves the show and it is very popular to this very day.

It was first published in 2007 and stopped in 2010 and the duo won several awards for their great acting! One of the awards they got was a BAFTA TV award which is not something every actor and comedian can be proud about.

The BAFTA was for their comedy performance and the duo was more than proud since they have been in the acting world for a long time and getting such a recognition made them really happy.

James was featured on a music video more than once and one of the more famous ones is the Dizzee Rascal UK number one hit called Shout. It was for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Corden is a great singer, although this isn’t the center of his career, and he made a duet with Kylie Minogue. It was only a cover, though, of a song called “Only You”.

He likes to do charity telethons and he was on Comic Relief in 2011 where he had a special part. He had to act as if he was doing Carpool Karaoke with George Michael. It is his own thing that he made up where he invents various celebrities and they sing in his car while driving and talking too.

In 2009, he was called to be a part of the Brit Awards and since then he has appeared there every year. Four times he was by himself, once with Kylie and once with Horne.

2016 was also pretty important for him since he hosted a famous show called 70th Tony Awards and then later hosted the very big Grammy awards!

James says that it is his love to host because he loves to feel the connection with people, but he claims that he would like to sing and act more too.

He later on hosted the Grammy’s in 2017 and 2018 too because the crowd simply loved him. It was like love at first sight, he said, after making this tough crowd laugh like no other host.

Since 2010 he has been a part of a comedy show called A League of Their Own. It is on Sky 1 and it’s actually a panel game based on sports! He hosts this and he says that he is very excited to make each new episode since he loves Whitehall, Bishop and Ranganathan who are team captains.

2011 was pretty big for him since he had a lead role in a comedy called One Man, Two Guvners. It ended up on the National Theatre and landed on the famous Broadway in the very end.

For James, this was success he never thought he would have. He won the Tony Award too, for the best role in the play.

In 2015, he finally got noticed as an artist too and he won the famous BAFTA Britannia Award. This means that he has more than one BAFTA award. It’s something that not even the most famous actors can often say they have earned.

During Gavin & Stacey, he was also having some outside gigs. The shooting went on for a long time and he couldn’t simply say no to every opportunity there was for him.

He was a guest host on Big Brother’s Big Mouth and he felt pretty confident there because he was accompanied by his friend from Gavin & Stacey: Matthew Horne.

In 2008, he was in How to Lose Friends & Alienate People by Toby Young.

He enjoyed working with his dear friend Matthew so much that he decided the duo should make a sketch show in 2009. It was called Horne & Corden. It was a regular comedy show with some new ideas and gigs.

Sadly, the show was not well accepted and it lasted only for one season. The critiques were very bad so they had to stop. Corden later talked about his awful acting there.

In 2009, he was the lead role of Lesbian Vampire Killers. This was obviously not a success, since the movie itself had a very poor plot.

He got into some new hobbies like animating and therefore was a part of the team who made the cartoon Planet 51. Matthew Horne was there too.

In 2010, Sport Relief was on TV. It was a live broadcast meant to help people in need. He was there with many other hosts but he surely stood out because of the great motivational talks he gave.

In 2010, he was on a benefit show made to help the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. The show was captured live in the most famous concert place in London, the O2 arena.

He was in Doctor Who, The X Factor and Gulliver’s Travels later. However, when he got bored of movies, he got back to animating and helped create Animals United.

In 2011, he made a Red Nose Day sketch for charity causes and there were people like JLS, Justin Bieber and famous Mr. McCartney alongside him. This sketch had gained the best reviews one could and therefore James became really famous for them.

Later in that year he was in a comedy play called One Man, Two Guvnors. This play was the best play of the year according to the Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Many newspaper writers and critics praised James for the great work he had done in this play.

James likes to troll people around too so he made a cameo for Rizzle Kicks in their song Mama Do the Hump.

He soon got a Tony Award and a this lead to one of his best roles, the one he had with many other very famous singers: the role of a baker in the musical adapted by Disney itself, Into the Woods. This was made in 2014.

He next teamed up with his friend called Mathew Baynton and the duo created The Weong Many, a comedy project. It was on BBC Two during 2013. It was so popular that it went on in the USA too on Hulu.com

In 2015, James Corden became recognized for his most famous project ever: The Late Late Show with James Corden. The most popular segment is the Carpool Karaoke, but his team creates something new for each episode of his show. This is why it is so popular and never gets boring. His carpool karaoke with Adele went viral in 2016.

His influences are Graham Norton, Chris Evans and Stephen Colbert. He says that there is always something new he can learn from them.

Personal life

For some time, James had to share his flate with Dominic Cooper, a friend. He was actually really lucky that this happened because otherwise he would never meet his wife.

His wife is called Julia Carey and Cooper knew her for years before she met Corden. They married in September of 2012 and they have three children together.

His son Max was born in 2011, his daughter Carey in 2014 and his daughter Charlotte in 2017.

What is really interesting is that James stayed in very good relations to his friend Max who is the godfather of his first child, his only son.

It is very well known that Corden likes sport and he is especially excited when West Ham United plays.

In 2015, on the New Year Honours he got his OBE and he was very humbled to be given it by the very Princess Anne herself. This took place in the Buckingham Palace.

Corden used to be much heavier, and then he lost a lot of weight. He says he didn’t lose it for looks, but for his health. When he was in high school, he was much bigger than other kids and used to get teased about it all of the time.

However, James was very confident and people realised that it didn’t bother him that they thought he was fat. It only made him stronger and funnier, and he learned that each day he can make someone’s day better or worse. That’s why he choose to make everyone’s day better each day he could.

He is very humble and truly funny. He is one of those people who don’t fake his attitude and although he often meets with huge celebrities who are much more handsome, he is always the centre of attention because of his quirky character that makes him unique.

He says that his wife keeps him very humble and sometimes tells him what he should do instead of doing something he thought was smart. James appreciates her advice a lot and never gets angry, as he claims.

Quick summary

Full name: James Kimberley Corden

Date of birth: August 22nd 1978

Birthplace:  Hillingdon, London, England

Age: 40

Profession: actor, writer, producer, comedian, host

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 88kg

Net Worth: $10 million