Doug Marcaida is a known martial arts instructor and one of the judges in a popular History Channel TV series called “Forged in Fire”. He became a very respectable judge in the show and lifted ratings of the series.

Early life:

Marcaida is a very secretive man. The informations about him, his childhood or family cannot be found.

It is known that he comes from Filippines and that he is an USA citizen for a longer period of time. His family lives in New York, close to him, but he never reveals anything about them.

Career development:

Marcaida became known after he was chosen by History Channel to become one of the judges in their new series called “Forged in Fire”. This very popular show is produced by OutPost Entertainment and since it started airing the show came to it’s 6th season.

In the summer of 2015 the series “Forged in Fire” started running on History Channel. It immidiately made a huge fan base all over America. Marcaida, as a judge,  evaluates the weapons made by contestors to determine how effective they are and are they easy to use in combat.

The main characteristics which Marcaida values are the blade’s ability to cut, to be quickly deployed becauae speed can save lives; the weapon must be easy to carry and conceal and he likes the weapon which can be used as an impact weapon.

In this show Marcaida presented his martial arts knowledge and got people interested in Fillipino martial arts. He is specialized  in the Southeast Asian fighting art of Kali, but he created his own version of Martial Arts called Marcaida Kali where he combines a lot of different Martial Arts elements and combine them together.

His Marcaida Kali is a martial art which is based on handling a weapon in the right way. He is of opinion that many times hand to hand combat turns into a more dangerous unequal fight after someone draws a weapon so he teaches handling weapons in order to defend yourself (not attack!)

He holds seminars all over America, mostly in community centers. They are very visited and it is always crowded in them. After he became known for “Forged in Fire” he had to open new schools of martial arts because of the interest of students.

He also strongly believes that the person’s biggest weapon is his mind first; only after that comes the weapon he holds in his arm.

Doug had the privilege to showcase the weapons he made in a lot of known movies and TV series such as “Bourne”, “Blade” and “300”. This ventures brought him even more recognition and revenues.

Doug Marcaida became a weapons specialist and an U.S. military contractor.

He designs knives for FOX Knives Italy.

He has his own training school which learns about personal combat and a variety of hand-to-hand fights and use of weapon in battling.

There are three of his schools in New York and one in Romania.

He always emphasizes the right way of using weapons, obeying the law and speaks about awareness in using weapons.

He is considered as one of the developers of the DART (Direct Action Response Theory) Karambit when it comes to designing knives and blades.

He had a very important collaboration with a designer named  Bastien Bastinelli with making new knives which won’t only be good but they will tell a story of their own. This idea ended up with three new blades: “Le Piquer” ( blade like a scalpel), a very fast-opening knife “Mako”, and a vicious blade “Contrador”.

Doug has his own website which showcase the weapons he designed and it is also a place to buy them.

Personal life:

Doug keeps his private life hidden from the public. He isn’t married and doesn’t post any photos of his girlfriend (if he has one) on his social media. He is probably in a relationship with a girl but doesn’t want it to be public.

It is known that he is a Catholic and that he practises his religion.

He is in an excellent body shape due to his hard training and lifestyle. He trains every day and watches his diet.

Quick summary

Full name:  Doug Marcaida

Date of birth: NA

Birthplace: NA

Age: NA

Profession: teacher of martial arts, designer of knives, TV person

Height: 1, 72 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $300,000