Chip Gaines is an American entrepreneur, TV personality and he is best known for the TV show Fixer Upper.

His estimated net worth is around 2$ million.

Early life

Chip Gaines was born on November 14, 1974 in Albuquerque, North Mexico, U.S. even though he was born in North Mexico, Gaines grew up in Dallas, Teas and was mostly raised by his grandfather. His grandfather had an enormous ranch in Texas where Gaines learned most of his skills.

His grandfather always tried to teach Chip how to be a working man and how to provide for himself and his family one day. He learned how to ride a horse and how to do everything around the ranch.

Chip always listened to his grandfather but he also decided to finish high school and college, so he can one day rely on his mind rather than only on his strength. He graduated from Baylor University and got a degree in Marketing.

Chip was in a way a star of his high school, because of his amazing baseball skills. He still loves baseball and enjoys playing it, but he never pursued it as a career choice.


After graduating from college, he did many jobs to support himself. He tried to launch his small business ideas from landscaping to student laundry services. The idea of running a business was something he always wanted to do and while finding out a way to earn money he found himself in home renovation.

He flipped many homes and prepared them for the market, but his career really took a turn when he married Joanna, his present wife.

The couple decided to put their investment into establishing Magnolia Homes located in Texas. The company revolved around renovating houses and selling them to buyers. Their first home was an old  home and they did more than a good job.

Everybody was impressed by their skills and they soon launched their business on a more serious level. During their career, they renovated hundreds of homes and prepared them for the market. Because of their amazing talent and skill, the couple attracted the attention of HDTV producers, who were looking for talented “flippers” for their new show.

The name of the show is Fixer Upper and it is actually a reality TV show that follows Chip and Joanna while they are renovating and selling the homes in the market. The goal was to present this job to the audience, and maybe reveal some secrets about it.

The show got great reviews from the audience and from the critics, and Joanna’s and Chip’s on –screen romance brings a more interesting view on the show. Being on the show brought them even more work. Gaines shows what his 15 years of experience taught him and what tricks of the trade he has learned during this time.

Great humor on the show with great and innovative ideas, offers its viewers a lot of fun moments in front of TV screens. To bring up the heat, the show usually deals with unexpected troubles and challenges that are in the end always fixed by the experienced couple.

Gaines is still running his company and most of his income comes from the family business, while other part comes from the TV show. The popularity of the show opened him new business offers and helped him to firm his position on the market.

Personal life

Chip married his wife Joanna in 2013 and their love story has been the often subject of the show. After they got married they decided to invest in their future by starting their own company. The decision turned out to be a success and their joined effort made the company stronger.

The way they met is also interesting, because Chip admitted that he fell in love with her the first time he saw her in her father’s garage. They have four lovely kids together, and their love is still visible and present on the screen and off the screen.

The Gaines family lives in Waco area on a huge ancestral farm.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Chip Gaines

Date of Birth: November 14, 1974

Birth Place: Albuquerque, North Mexico, U.S

Age: 42 years

Profession: reality TV star, entrepreneur

Height: 1.82 m

Weight: 78 kg

Net worth: 2$ million