Frank Fritz is a popular American TV host and an antique collector.

Early years

He was born on the 11th of October 1965. in Davenport in the state of Iowa. His family, including his sister lived in Mound Street in Davenport  for a long time. His parents later divorced, so he found himself in a new family, with a step father.

As a kid he loved to collect a lot of stuff, especially beer cans and stamps.

He attended Bettendorf High School and in that period he met and became friends with Michael Wolfe, the second American Picker in this famous History TV show.

He worked all through his last years of school in order to buy himself a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

He didn’t go to college after that but he started collecting items and antiques to support himself and to satisfy his collector passion.

Career development

He worked as a fire inspector for more than 20 years  and in 2002. he has finally decided to  quit his job and he  founded an antique collecting business .

During the time he was a fire inspector his passion for collecting stayed the same, so he even started to collect items connected to firefighters and their job.

After he bought one item for $15 and sold it for $475, he became aware that he could make a living that way.

He called his company Frank’s Finds and that was the beginning of a very successful career.

He is mostly known for his show „American Pickers“ where he is a co-host. The show started in 2010. and became a very successful franchise. The show is still broadcasting on History Channel.

Frank often reffers to himself as a modern day recycler.

He also appeares in other TV reality shows such as „Pawn Stars“ or „American Restoration“, all connected with antiques.

In 1993, he appeared in the show Late Show with David Letterman.

He travelles throughout USA to find objects and antiques he would re-sell and earned on them. He found some very rare and expensive items and earned a great amount of money on them.

Personal life

He is a bachelor and even though he was connected to many women and men, nobody can confirm any of his alleged relationships.

There were even newspaper titles that insinuated that Frank is in a relationship with Mike Wolfe, although Mike is married and has a child.

He is a passionate collector of motorcycles so he owns over a hundred different types.

Frank is also a very  active biker and he has attended the famous annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota for 29 years.

Philantropic work

Frank Fritz is a spokesperson and a face for Chrons disease.

He was diagnosed over 20 years ago and he decided that he can raise not just money for the research, but that he can raise awarness and understanding for this disease.

Quick summary:

Full name: Frank Fritz

Date of Birth:  October 11, 1965.

Birthplace: Davenport, Iowa

Age: 52

Height: 165 cm


Net Worth: $4 million