The man has taken a mammoth responsibility to uplift the dwindling spirit to achieve their respective goals of life. He believes each one of us is endowed with God-gifted talents which we have to channelize properly for our success. In the last decade, he had served the humanity with two precious Bestselling books which have been accessed by the people of 35 languages.

He had also appeared in Blockbuster hit movies, “Quest for Success” and “The Secret.”

He has built 5 multi-million companies which include Re/Max and roaring sales figure of around $4.5 billion. Presently John is NeuroGys’s CEO, brain researcher, and a dedicated serial entrepreneur.

Early life

Perhaps the best example himself to motivate others as none has expected him to grow well in his childhood. The teacher has gone further to opine he would be jailed sometime. The father who was a taxi driver always remained very depressed that his son would fail to manage a job even with paltry wages. In his schooling, he was frequent in the principal’s chamber.

John was born in Tel Aviv, Israel on the 1st day of the year in 1961. He moved from Israel with his family when he was a boy of 6 years shifted to Montreal, Quebec in Canada. For the very reason, he was rather forced to know English along with French.

He was not comfortable with the intricacies of the languages and was a normal target for the harassment in the schoolyard. His confidence can be realized better by those whose father faces frequent transfers. He left quite alone as to make friends was also not easy because of the discomfort in the language. Because of the low confidence math and science also suffered.

The situation got further worsen in the early teenage when he stated that he was with any ability to achieve anything in life. Deserted by the normal average boys of his age he got involved with ruffians and very often was into some fights. All these made his father and the teachers a real panic for the boy. He was severely punished, but the boy does not stop. He went further even to some more dangerous threats.

But the Almighty has given the strength to excel in sports. During his teens he was very keen in athletics which took away the boy from the thugs. Life was turning bit by bit. He took a job in local pharmacy but remained far off from what he deserves passing a dual life. The teenage of 19 then showed the real resilience and determination when he left everything which promises nothing better than a mediocre life and went to his brother who was staying in Toronto, Canada.


Reaching Toronto, his attitude was changed by the advice of some ‘wonderful businessman’. He borrowed money and started a course in real estate. After five weeks of training, he got the license. His abysmal confidence rose high to excellence. John realized the inherent ‘awesome power’ given by the GOD. We all have an ‘amazing brain’ which has to be utilized to reach where we want to be. The target must be set and reached.

In his thirties, he formed a company with the name of later the company merged with Ipex.Com.

Today he is just echoing his own realization for the accomplishment of the mass average mediocre person. He wanted to reach as many as possible through television and radio with his inspiring speeches and training programs. He took up the role of publishing ‘Having It All,’ ‘The Vision Board Kit’ and ‘The Answer’ to uplift the loosen heart.

He is currently in charge of NeuroGym where people are trained to free themselves from the shackles of the past experience and bad habits and build confidence to achieve a personal goal.

Personal life

He is married to Maria Middaugh Assaraf five years ago, and the couple is happily leading their life with a lot of promise in their respective areas. John has a very hearty relation with Jane Seymour.

Quick summary:

Full Name: John Assaraf

Date of Birth: 1st January 1961

Birth Place: Tel Aviv, Israel

Age: 56 Years


Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1.3 Million