Ben Baller is a multifaceted personality. Ben is a musician, customized jewelry maker and an actor. Not even a single actor is present in the Hollywood locale without trying on the jewelry made by them. Not everyone has that kind of exceptionally good talents.

He is known for creating funky jewelry out of precious stones. People used to see the rappers sing live just to spot the jewelry sported by their favorite singers. Not just the people, the paparazzi also flock the stars to photograph the chains and other accessories flaunted by them.

Early life

Ben Baller is of a Korean ethnicity basically from South Korea. But he was born and raised up in the United States of America. Thus, he got his American Nationality. Ben did both his schooling and college from the United States. Since his school, he was very interested in playing ball related games, and that continued even at college. Thus, he got the name Baller which he used for his media name. His original name is Ben Yang. He did his Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in cinematography.

Ben’s stint with media enabled him to go ahead with a career of DJ. He did exceptionally well in that which helped him record 20 music album that was given platinum credits at that time. This gave him a household name as a musician. Ever since his childhood, he has always been very interested in accessories to complement one’s look. His family was into the business then. South Koreans are normally known for their best collection of beauty-oriented things, and that interest was there in his family too which eventually overtook Ben.

He boasted a splendid collection of top-notch designed sneakers. He loved sporting different types of sneakers, and that made him an ardent collector of sneakers. His collection of sneakers is world known. He was a DJ until 2003. He along with his uncle started a collection of creative jewelry set under the name of “ICEE FRESH & CO.”


Ben began his career as a nightclub DJ where his favorite tunes where the funky disco type. He is an alumnus of UC Berkley; his father’s role would have given him the boost to get into a top college like this. In his college days, he was a star football player, and he also held the pride of being the first Asian to represent his college in tournaments. During his career as DJ, he started making more music albums. Later he became a star by making jewelry for the celebrities. He also acted in few movies.

His family has been in the business for more than 35 years, and this would have served to be an inspiration, but Ben’s works were far more impressive than his family’s works. He made creative and custom styled jewelry out of diamonds and other precious stones. Black Eyed Peas Mariah Carrey Kayne West, Nas, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Snoop Dogg, Orlando Brown, Drake and Joel Madden were some of his famous celebrity clients who never missed an opportunity to wear his handcrafted, creative and specially designed exquisite jewelry. The world-famous diamond-encrusted belt that was worn by the king of pop, Michael Jackson was designed by him.

He experiments with different kinds of jewels. Be it chains, belts, hand gears and so on. Each jewelry which he makes cost a minimum of 25,000 $ and that has made Ben one of the richest celebrities. Ben is a high-profile jewelry maker and is a popular figure in Hollywood.

He always puts up pictures of those on his Instagram page, and he is proud to own it. He has been more than happy to have a long list of supermodel cars like The Ferrari, Mercedes S class, The BMW series cars, The Rolls Royce Ghost and many more top model cars.

His love for cars even made him go to the extent that he engraved a tattoo of a car on his body. Apart from producing good music, he had interests in acting too and that interest helped him in acting in certain films like The Life & Times of DJ AM that was released in the year 2015, a movie under his name Ben Baller that was released in the year 2012, and a movie under the yummy name cake that was released in the year 2004. And all these talents made him a multi-talented person of what he is today.

Personal life

Ben’s father is a professor in the department of history at the prestigious institution of UCLA. His mother takes contracts for clothes. His brother is of video gaming, and his sister is also a stylist by profession.

He was bought up in the area of Korea Town in Los Angles, California. Later for his college education, he moved to San Fransisco. Ben is also known for the super amazing collection of high brand cars which he possesses. Denzil Washington and Dre were the ones who helped him make a way into the industry of music. A&R’s Priority Record Vice President and then got into Aftermath Entertainment. He is a happily married man with three kids. Two sons and one daughter named London, Ryder, and Kaia.

Quick Summary

Full name: Ben Baller

Date of Birth: January 27, 1973

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California

Age: 44

Profession: Musician, jewelry maker, actor

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: 15 million USD