It might be accurate that Sunlen Serfaty has never been seen by so many people. Okay, she’s not as well known as Beyoncé or Rihanna.

Sunlen, however, is a highly respected political figure. All the discussions about this lively and fascinating political personality have always proven not only enjoyable, but also highly educational. This article will discuss some of Su’s key facts.

Early Life

American reporter Sunlen Serfaty Miller was born in Virginia, USA, on April 6, 1981. Sunlen, an award-winning journalist, is a Washington D.C.-based congressional correspondent with CNN.

Sunlen Serfaty’s contribution to the journalism field is well known. In the area of national news, breaking news, and Washington politics, the passionate journalist has an interesting yet diverse portfolio.

Her parents were William N. Miller’s and his wife, Denise M. Miller’s. The young daughter of the Caucasian ethnic background is American by ethnicity.

Likewise, though her mother is a marketing communications director in Richmond, Canada, her father is an independent commercial arbitrator and mediator. She works for a French transportation and power Equipment Company’s service department.

In 2013, Sunlen married Alexis. After several years of dating and getting to know one another, the marriage was. The two met at a political fundraiser seven years earlier. Alexis knew instinctively from the first sight that Sunlen was the right woman for him.

Sadly, a year after the first date, the newly found lovebirds had to stay away from each other. Sunlen switched to Washington to cover the presidential campaigns of Barrack Obama.

Sunlen came back after the campaigns had finished, and the flame was re-ignited. Given the many challenges that come with each partnership, Alexis and Sunlen have been able to stand the test of time. It’s been a marriage of five years and the couple seems to be living happily.

Career Path

Sunlen’s professional career started with her working as a local general assignment reporter on the’ Weekends’ for WLJA, an ABC affiliate in Washington D.C. She covered several breaking stories during her tenure there, bringing more expertise and integrity to her work.

Likewise, she also worked as a journalist for the ABC News and soon began to cover the U.S. Congress. House, Senate. She also contributed to ABC News Now on a regular basis while also working out for

She finally paid for her hard work and dedication when she was hired to be part of the reporter team of ABC in 2008. Similarly, with the election of President Barack Obama, they covered and reported emerging stories at the White House beginning in 2009.

Nevertheless, CNN gave her the chance to work for them, which she couldn’t help but accept. There she worked at her Washington Bureau for CNN Newsource before joining a general assignment team in Washington D.C. for CNN.

There is no denying that Serfaty is actually one of the young and up-and-coming journalists. As of 2019, though, her net worth is still under review. But the journalist is making an annual salary of $126,000, as announced.

The journalist has shown her incredible reporting skills from working for ABC to CNN and White House. So, keeping that in mind, it must be along the hundred million line of net worth.

Serfaty has won an Emmy for reporting for her contributions and outstanding work she has shown in the network. She was involved in the presidential election in 2016 as well. Not to mention, during the Republican primary contest, the talented journalist reported from across the country following the GOP nominees.

In addition, the American reporter has worked on many networks, including This Week with George Stephanopoulos, World News with Charles Gibson, and Politics Live. She has been checked for many other influential networks because of her background in covering political campaigns.

Sunlen was born in 1981 and is now 38 years old. She came from a family of parents who were very hard working. So it’s no wonder Sunlen loves hard work. The fact that she’s accomplished so much yet is so young makes it fair to think she’s destined for more.

Sunlen started her career as a junior general assignment journalist reporting for the’ weekends.’ There, in conjunction with the ABC associate in Washington D.C., she was able to cover breaking events. Sunlen then became an ABC news reporter.

Her priority at ABC was the U.S. Senate. With President Barrack Obama’s inauguration, Sunlen started reporting to the White House.

Sunlen built the biggest chunk of her career at the ABC. She played various roles here, which ultimately saw her build an undisputable reputation. The Emmy Award was the greatest achievement of Sunlen Serfaty during her career.

Sunlen Serfaty net worth image is not available Sunlen Serfaty net value is not available. Sunlen’s annual salary is estimated to be $126,000.  Her total net worth, however, is yet to be identified.

Sunlen is a Caucasian-born American. There’s no specific nickname for Sunlen. Sunlen’s decision not to reveal so much of her personal life all these years makes her quite an enigmatic character. She likes to enjoy by herself all the private moments.

Sunlen Serfaty has received the Emmy prize as one of the best American reporters. She’s a Washington, D.C. congressional reporter for CNN.  Serfaty was a reporter for the White House and the United States. ABC News Senate reporter before joining CNN.

Sunlen Serfaty has an international affairs B.A. degree focusing on media and communication. The American reporter went to The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

The stunning reporter reported the 2008 presidential campaign of President Barack Obama. Her excellent work was also featured on the World News Now overnight show of ABC and on the news website of the network.

On the weekends, Sunlen Serfaty served in WJLA as a local general assignment reporter. The blonde beauty has specialized in covering breaking news and featuring stories for the ABC News related to Washington, D.C.’s top ten markets.

Sunlen Serfaty has worked as an associate producer for TV and radio programs for The Washington Post from May 2003 to September 2004.

Personal life

The couple exchanged their vows at a beautiful ceremony at Rose Park on August 3, 2013. We also worked with the aid of a mutual friend for the first time. The pair hit it off early, and the rest is history, as we know.

We are together now for more than six years. And to add more joy, their first son, a daughter called Roosevelt Jolie Serfaty in 2017, was welcomed by the lovely couple.

The American reporter, who was born sometime in 1981, is now 38 years old. Her birthday is unknown at the moment, along with her birth mark. Nonetheless, in front of the camera, Serfaty still looks beautiful and elegant.

However, with a height of 6 feet (182 cm), the charming Serfaty is quite tall. Her weight is not known as of now, along with other measurements. But seeing that she has a toned body, one can say. Also, with her deep blue eyes and luscious blonde hair, Serfaty looks more stunning.

Sunlen’s pregnancy has stirred up a lot of conversation. Many newsroom moms have to find a way to deal with the physical and emotional challenges that come with parenting with the stress and attention that comes with reporting. In the end, the juggle isn’t an easy one.

Sometimes the public’s attention and enthusiasm might be so overwhelming and perhaps distracting. Most of the gifts and anchors have always admitted that the pregnancies prevent them from fulfilling the expectations they desire. It is a time marked by exhaustion and emotional breakdown in countless instances.

Motherhood was such a great blessing in her life to Sunlen. A bouncing baby girl was born by the couple. The popular anchor for political news admits she enjoyed both the pregnancy time and her current state of parenthood.

She says she doesn’t regret the experience of being a mother. Her baby’s birth brought so much joy to her life. It was when she and her husband, Alexis Serfaty, delivered the baby last year.

The two lovebirds decided to name Roosevelt as their child. There’s nothing about the baby’s name ceremonial.

After their favorite spot, the Rose Park, Sunlen and Alexis decided to name their child. It was the first time they met here. So, the place reminds them of the days when they were deeply in love, they are still in love, of course.

Quick summary

Full name: Sunlen Serfaty

Date of birth: April 6th 1981

Birthplace: Virginia, USA

Age: 38

Profession: Anchor, Journalist

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 65 kg

Net Worth: Unknown