Marc Kielburger Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Marc Kielburger Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Marc Kielburger Net Worth


When Marc Kielburger was just a kid, he and his brother set up a tiny nonprofit. Over the past 25 years it’s grown into the world’s largest charity on Facebook and provides its beneficiaries with clean water, health care and education.

The WE Movement consists of WE Charity, an international development and youth empowerment organization, Me to We, a social enterprise, and We Day, an annual youth empowerment event.

Marc’s mission was simple, even from an early age.  He wanted to make a massive change and he knew he wanted to inspire a generation of socially empowered young people.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about Marc Kielburger’s net worth, career path, and a little about his personal life.

Early life

Marc Kielburger was born to parents Fred and Theresa Kielburger, who are school teachers.  He is the first born son and has a younger brother, Craig.  They grew up in Thornhill, Ontario.

Marc went to Brebeuf College School in Toronto, and Neuchâtel Junior College in Switzerland. While at Brebeuf, he learned how to debate, joining debates run by the Ontario Pro-Con Debating Forum.

When he was 13, through a program for school, Marc volunteered in Jamaica with at a hospice for teenage mothers and a home for elderly homeless people who suffered from leprosy. Then, when he was 14, he won the award for Best Junior Project at the Canada-Wide Science Fair for his project on alternative home cleaners.

His philanthropic experience continued and at 18 he volunteered at an AIDS hospice in Bangkok, Thailand.  He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, getting a degree in International Relations. He was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and then went on to complete his law degree at Oxford University, studying human rights law.

Career path 

While he was at Harvard, Marc’s younger brother Craig informed him about a newspaper story involving the murder of a child laborer in Pakistan.  The story was so inspiring that Craig and Marc decided to urge world leaders to put an end to the practice of child labor.

In 1995, Marc and Craig co-founded Free the Children which eventually became WE Charity. Kielburger later co-founded Leaders Today (now ME to WE), an organization that trains young people to develop skills and confidence to effect social change.

In 2008, Marc and his brother went on the Oprah Winfrey Show where they launched a partnership with Oprah’s Angel Network.   Marc Kielburger was named Most Admired CEO in Canada in the Public Sector in 2015. 

Personal life 

Marc is currently married to Roxanne Joyal.

He is recognized internationally for his philanthropic efforts.

Marc received 10 honorary doctorates and degrees for his work in the fields of education and human rights. He is an author on the New York Times bestselling list and has published 8 books.  He is also a nationally syndicated columnist.

Receiving honors for his work, Marc Kielburger is the recipient of the Order of Canada, and was selected by the World Economic Forum as one of the world’s Young Global Leaders.

In 2015, he was named Canada’s Most Admired CEO in the public sector. Marc was also inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame for his humanitarian efforts.

Quick summary 

Full Name: Marc Kielburger

Date of Birth: Jan 1, 1977

Birthplace: Vaughan, Canada

Age: 43

Profession: Canadian Activist and Co-CEO of Me to We

Height:  5 ft.10

Weight: 170 lbs.

Personal Net Worth: $825,000 CAD

Salary: $125,000

Source: value of equity in personal residence + RRSPs and other savings

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