Trina is an eminent rapper whose birth name is Katrina Laverne Taylor. She is known to people by several names such as Miss Trina, Diamond Princess, Miss Trina Queen Of The South, Millon Dollar Girl, Diamond Princess, Da Baddest Bitch. Hailing from Florida, the rapper cum model has famous for her raping abilities and smart and appealing gestures with which she represents herself on stage shows. It was long back she received the significant notoriety for making an appearance in Trick Daddy’s studio album titled “Trick Daddy” titled “Nann Nigga.

She got the opportunity luckily and then moved on to release her studio albums ones after the other and ultimately launching five brand new studio albums successfully. She is a legendary name in the world of rap music and has earned an exclusive net worth evaluated somewhere around 6 Million dollars. She is equally glamorous and is famous for her sensational rap techniques.

Early life

Katrina Laverne Taylor is the birth name of the eminent rapper Trina who was born on the 3rd day of December 1978. She hails from Miami, Florida, United States of America. She was born to parents who belong to the Bahamas. They previously resided in the Dominican Republic. While she was growing up along with his parents, she remained quite disturbed because of the domestic quarrels. It was during her teenage days; she observed the separation of her parents.

Then she was shifted to the Liberty City and resided in the Pembroke Isles that was located in Florida. She attended the reputed local institute Miami Northwestern Senior High School and moved away from the academic world to the world of rap music and modeling. She knew that she would receive ample scope in proceeding with a rap career. Soon she became an expert in writing some of the exclusive rap numbers that too in a rhyming rhythm.


After her efforts in making the single number “Nann Nigga” with association with Trick Daddy, she went for releasing yet another album with it lead single that belonged to the very second album titled “” that got launched in the year 1998. She campaigned a lot for releasing her debut music album and finally released in the year 2000. Trina thought of collaborating with Elliott for getting prepared for her very next release. She devoted herself to the recording works including mixing, recording and knowing all the essentialities of recording an album. She had worked hard to establish herself within the years 2000 to 2002. Soon she came up wither the third album named “Glamorest Life.” It got released in the year 2005. The rap album got ranked in the position of number 11 in the Charts f Billboard 200.

The album also got appreciated from the Top Rap Album Charts. It was hugely sold off, and the sales units counted it to be around 77,000 during its first initial week of release. In the year 2007, Trina had worked on his next album that was her fourth album. She came up with her forthcoming albums. She had launched two other mix tapes namely the: the Baddest Chick 2: Reloaded and Rockstar Royalty. She had gone for launching two mix tapes consecutively and worked hard enough for getting appreciated by her compositions. She came up with her fifth studio album titled “That’s My Attitude” that got launched in the year 2009.

She was celebrating the victory of her 16th anniversary with the release of her debut album titled “Da Baddest Bitch.” It had a popular number single entitled “Overnight.” She also took part in the tribute namely Miss Elliott that was based on the segment of the Hip Hop genre and got segregation for the honors of the Hip Hop segment. The honor was titled as “All Hails The Queen.” Soon she decided to come up with her next album, probably the sixth and the final one titled “The One.” It finally got released in the year 2017. As per the available records, Trina’s first film is “A Miami Tail,” her first successful television show is “With Friends Like These.” She had chosen a distinctive way to become a rapper and a model who had earned fame, not by one’s attractive appearance but extreme devotion and dedication towards one’s line of action. She has become a successful person today but has never forgotten her hard days that serves as her foundation for the struggling life.

Today is working with the well known Hip Hop genre studded with the labels like Sony Music, Slip-n-Slide Records, EMI, Rockstar Music Group and Atlantic Records. She is associated and has given way to collaboration with Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole, Diamond, K. Michelle, Paul Wall, Monica Jody Breeze, Tory Lanez, Kelly Rowland, Eve, Rick Ross, Rico Love Ludacris, and Trick Daddy and with Diddy as well. She has been awarded many prestigious awards namely the Golden Trailer Awards for appearing in the Trashiest a Miami Tail released in the year 2004, ACE Awards for Power of Influence Award was awarded to her in the year 2010, EME Awards for International Friend of Reggae Honoree, this was achieved by her in the year 2011, and finally she was honoured with the All-Star Music Award that is a Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree in the year 2014. Her love for the Hip Hop Genre has made her gain fame and popularity all around the globe. Whatever she achieved in her life has been worked hard for. She had made justice to each of the precious moments in her life.

Trina has proved to be a true feminist, and in each of her songs, she has dedicated her lyrics depicted the power of a woman. She has silently revolted against the injustices that are made to woman. Though she is very private about her personal life, ones in an interview she had declared that each woman existing in this world is precious just like unique stone and needs an efficient stone cutter would know her value. Otherwise, a little mishandling would make the stone lose all its value. Throughout her career, she has searched for those women’s, who are filled with qualities but are unfortunate to have ample chances to soar up high in the sky. She had been benevolent enough to provide some opportunities to some unfortunate woman and help them just like a new penny.

She is quite glad enough to grow a responsive career while collaborating with some of the top famous publications throughout the country and this included the three cover stories being published in the KING Magazine, Smooth, XXL, The Source and the other name being Sister 2 Sister. Some of these publications are helping her immensely to build up her entire new image and a particular brand name. She has started thinking herself to be a businesswoman and has recently got associated with the clothing line Pink Diamond Couture Clothing.

Personal life

Trina had series of men in her life. She is outspoken about her personal life and given way to several controversies by entering into several relationship and dating. There are rumors that she has dated some of the eminent rappers namely Lil’ Wayne, Rasi Baker, Kenyon Martin, Soulja Boy, James Harden, French Montana and finally Tory Lanez in the year 2014. Out of so many names in series, Trina got seriously involved with Lil Wayne. They even decided o get married, but soon everything got distorted. The couple was broken after apart when Trina was expecting but had a miscarriage, unfortunately.

In the year, 2007 to 2010, the model started dating the eminent basketball player Kenyon Martin but the relation never matured, and the couple moved apart.

The rapper went for forming the foundation named Diamond Doll Foundation, Trina declares that as a non-profit organization that is into supporting unfortunate young girls who are orphans and provides them the basic amenities of life along with due respect. The young teenage girls are shown a new ray of hope and prosperity as they are made to learn and get involved in various other activities according to their preferences. Trina has also collaborated with famous Florida Entertainment Summit and has made her foundation share a humble connection to make the children of the Florida region enjoy the Jingle Bell Toy Drive.

She had made her first album get discharged through the Slip-N-Slide Records, and this made her have a selling count to reach 700,000 throughout the United States. She was never underrated, and her music albums always consisted of positive reviews and comments. Presently she is single and is probably no way interested in going in further relation to anyone. She is happy to lead an independent life.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Katrina Laverne Taylor

Date of Birth: 3rd December 1978

Birth Place: Miami, Florida, United States of America

Age: 40 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Model

Height: 5 Feet 2 Inches / 157 cm

Weight: 59 Kg / 130 Pounds

Net worth: $6 Million