Michael Wekerle is a banker,  businessman and a member of Dragon’s Den reality TV show.

Early years

He was born in Toronto, Canada in 1964.

After highschool he went to college but he dropped out after just one year to work at the Toronto Stock Exchange so he hasn’t got a university degree.

Career development

He soon became very good at his job and rose to be the most valued trader in the firm he worked in.

In 1995. he joined a famous firm called Griffiths McBurney and Partners.

Two years later he was involved in a very big trading event when shares of  Research in Motion were offered to the public.

In 2011. he started his own banking firm called Difference Capital.

Although his reputation went down after his repeated disorderly behaviour when his wife died, the stock market seemed to have a lot of trust in him.

The main idea  of his new business was to turn the  investments into technology apps and tech services. That’s why he invested in a lot of technologies startups  including the ones oriented into medicine, social media and film studios.

In 2014. he joined the ninth season of Dragon’s Den.

Thids TV show is based on investing into contestor’s businesses if they can prove the judges that they will be successful.

He also  invested in Mark Wahlberg’s chain of restaurants  „Wahlburgers“ which is a Boston burger joint and Michael brought  the first one to Toronto.

He also owns a lot of real estates, especially high-tech properties in Waterloo.

Philantrophic work

In 2013. he participated in a charity event to raise money for Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. He is involved in fundraising through music festivals in Waterloo.

He donates millions to UHN, CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), Sick Kids and Holland Bloorview.

Personal life

His first marriage was with Patricia Wekerle from 1989 to 2000. In 2000. he married his second wife Lea- Anne.

At the peek of his career, Lea-Anne  tragically died of a heart attack in 2010. so that was especially  rough year for him.

He was left alone with four children from that marriage and one from the first marriage.

In the next few month he was caught drunk in public for a few times.

He became very known when his one  million dollar worth Porsche burned up at a gas station and injured him.

In 2011. he left Griffiths McBurney and Partners.

When he made his comeback in 2012., he adopted a sixth child and stopped drinking.

He is a sponsor of Opera Atelier, which is basicly a production of operas  and  ballet from the 18th centuries. Wekerly  is a very big music fan and proved it by organizing music festivals .

He is also known for numerous tatoos  and the most famous one is the Rolling Stones logo: lips and a tongue.

Quick summary:

Full name: Michael Wekerle

Date of Birth: 1964.

Birthplace: Toronto, Canada

Age: 53

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Net Worth: $87 million