Og Maco Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Og Maco Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Og Maco who is actually Maco Mattox got fame after his single debut release of U Guessed It.

The hip hop artist from America can reallysingand play guitar with dexterity. With dedication and hard work so far he has accumulated over $500, 000.

Early life

Maco was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 23rd April, 1992. The rapper was born to a stable family in thesouthern Atlanta. But the adjacent neighbourhood is far off from the required criteria needed for the proper upbringing of a teenage boy. The perilous surrounding can be easily apprehended if one comes to know that his brother like friend, Dale was murdered when he was just thirteen. In recollecting the past he reminds that he could had been convicted for a long tenure when he was just nineteen.

In his childhood he learned violin with his sister. He got his schooling from Creekside High School in the Fulton County. Everything was going alright but suddenly an influx of new entrants in the area because of 9/11 and Katrina hurricane has totally eroded the normal life of teenage boys. After schooling he went to Georgia State University but fail to continue as money was already flowing in.

But you can never suppress a real gem. Instead of being into such uncertain and menace life he kept the affinity for music alive.Fromthe very early teenage he has a special reservation for music. At the very early age he joined Dr. Doctor, the band doing hardcode rock with his voice and hands on the guitar.

He was highly influenced by the musical Excellency of Black Sabbath, Kid Cudi and Curren$y and have grown up as any genius would do.


Whenhe was just nineteen years old he released ‘Marty McFly : The Mixtape’ followed by ‘10 Moons’ in the next year. These to releases were made under his original name. Then Maco Mattox name was enough to hold the glory of OG, it was all OG Maco now. Through the digital download he released the maiden extended play with the name of ‘Public Speaking’ which includes ‘Green Hill’, ‘Dreams We Believe in Duex’, ‘Cheat Codes’ and ‘The Prophet’ like creations. Total six tracks were there in it.

Then after two years in 2014, he released ‘Live Life’. Same year at the end two more titles were released by the name ‘Give them Hell’ and ‘Gifts’. Eps were also released by him along with ‘Live Life 2’ and ‘Breathe’. Then in September that year the memorable ‘U Guessed It’ was released which was written by the ‘original gangster’ himself. Remember OG is nothing but the shortened stage name of Maco as mentioned. Then he released EP on his name with fifteen tracks which includes ‘Human Nature’, ‘Seizure’, ’Undefeated’ and ‘Want More’ like favourites.

2015 opens up with a burst, OG released EP ‘Yep (With Rome Fortune)’. Again in the same year he brought 15 which include ‘Mirror Mirror’. Then he released 7FRVR online followed by ‘OG Maco 2’. ‘The Lord of Range’ came earlier the same year.  Next year ‘No Love’ and ‘Prayer Line’ were released.

This year in March he released ‘Children of the Range’.

Other than music he is also engaged in clothing which includes vest and snapback remembering ‘Children of the Range’.

Personal life

Maco’s personal life is truly private. Nique and Lala are the two names that we have come across so far in his life.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Macs Mattox

Date of Birth: 23rd April, 1992

Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia,

Age: 25 Years

Profession: Rapper who sings and play guitar



Net worth: $500, 000


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