Ricegum is one of the most popular YouTube personalities who is famous for his comic videos. Presently, his net worth is around $700,000.

Early Life

Ricegum aka Bryan Le is the popular YouTube sensation who is famous for his comic videos. Though he started his career as an online gamer, later he became popular for his amazing videos. He was born on 19th November 1996 in Las Vegas. He still lives with his parents but has plans to move on.

His father, Luat Quang Le, is Vietnamese while his mother, Quang Ly Lely, is Chinese. He stayed with his parents and siblings in Nevada. He came from an economically affluent family and had a beautiful childhood.

He has uploaded several videos showing how his parents are loving and caring for them. But, he prefers to keep his family away from the limelight so that they never get disturbed by the vulgar comments on YouTube by other users. As a student, he attended Sierra Vista High School and graduated from there in 2015. He also started to pursue a post-graduate degree and attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. But, soon he found his interest in making a career over the internet and drop his study.

His mother always wanted him to be the doctor, but he was inclined to internet from his childhood. His comic sense has been upfront always. In one of his videos, he said that living with parents is always beneficial as you don’t need to pay any rent.


Ricegum is only 21 years old, and he is earning huge. How is it possible? How has this youngster become so much popular within less time? When he was a teen, he was fond of playing video games. Soon, he grew interested in recording videos and posting them on YouTube.

It was 2010, and he was his teens when he created his first YouTube account. He started to record videos of himself, playing ‘Call of Duty.’ This was a first-person shooter game, and he also posted it later online. He launched his first video in his channel was one of Modern Warfare 3, and he titled it as ‘Lifestory: Babysitting: Ricegum.’

To grow his channel, he started to upload more and more videos and simultaneously, he streamed ‘Call of Duty’ on twitch. On the initial days of his career, he gained more than 180,000 followers along with 1.5 Million views. He got so much popularity when he started associating with another social media sensation, Mia Khalifa.

Though he was getting hugely famous, his channel was terminated from YouTube as he was alleged to violate the ‘Terms and Condition.’

But, that didn’t stop him from taking his career to another height. In November 2012, he joined Machinima, a global gaming network on YouTube.

Finally, it was 2015, when he released the biggest hit of the year, the video, called, ‘These Kids Must Be Stopped.’ This comic video was uploaded on December 8, 2015. On this video, he has ranted about several child web-stars, like Loren Beech, Hunter Rowland, and Jacob Sartorius as their videos contain sexual innuendoes. He did all in a comic sense and also enacted how his mother would react to such videos.

This video took no time to get immensely popular and become a viral sensation of social media. As soon as it was released, it got ‘like’ continuously within little time. This video has made him a public figure as it is viewed more than ten million times on YouTube. Soon it became the most popular videos of Ricegum. As a reply, many web stars posted new videos as a comment on this video. These make him even more popular.

Apart from this one, he is also widely known for his ‘diss tracks, ’ and some of the popular videos of him are, ‘PrankvsPrank, Jacob Sartorius, Maddie Ziegler and The Gabbie Show. Each of these videos got immensely popular worldwide.

Till date, some of his popular videos are, ‘I Mailed Myself in a Box and It Worked, Jesse from PrankvsPrank, Baby Aeriel Roast Me!, Andy Milonakis Roast Me and Jacob Sartorius Roast Me Again. These videos got more than 60 million views till now.

His career is soaring high rapidly, and you can get the proof by checking few statistics. When he launched his channel in 2012, he achieved 5.7 million subscribers and more than 569 million views. With such record, he earns luxurious amount from Google.

Recently, he has also launched a secondary channel, named, RiceGumExtra. Here he posts personal vlogs. Though it is still in its initial stage and not even near to the popularity of his primary channel, still it has reached 1.3 million, and presently, his vlogging channel has 33.8 million views. Though it is easy for his vlogs to get 1 million views each, Ricegum hasn’t updated his channel after November 2016, and coincidentally, the last vlog was titled, ‘Starting Daily Vlogging Again.’

In 2017, he released a diss track, named ‘I didn’t Hit Her’ and he posted it on his official Soundcloud account. After that, it has been played for more than 3.12 million times. It is true that his Soundcloud account is quite new, but he has managed to get 27.8K followers on this platform.

Personal Life

Ricegum is presently only 21 years old, and he has lots to achieve. He is not married, and presently, he is also not engaged to anyone. He has mocked himself in a video and said that he doesn’t have any girlfriend just because of his ‘ugly’ look. His sexual orientation is straight.

It seems he wants to concentrate on his career now. Fans often wonder why and how Bryan le becomes ‘RiceGum’ as the pseudonym is a bit weird. But, he never discloses the fact, and his fans are still wondering.

As his career is soaring high, he was planning to buy a car and finally, it is revealed that he bought a white Mercedes S550.

Lately, he got legally accused of assaulting Gabbie Hanna physically. She acclaimed that Ricegum hit her in the middle of the party and shattered her phone. He has also been in controversy earlier when he roasted the 10-year-old singer, Alabama Parker. He accused her that her actions on her video are not appropriate for her age and he has also criticized her lifestyle and upbringing.

Lately, he has been banned from twitch also for showing BB gun in one of his videos.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Bryan Le

Date of Birth: 19th November 1996

Birthplace: Las Vegas

Age: 21 Years

Profession: YouTube Star

Height: 1.90 M

Weight: 155 LBS

Net worth: $700,000