He is ‘The Favorite’ in the mind of any viewers who have watched ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ which has come up in the American Network channels. He is Chase Chrisley, has been making mischief to be the popular reality star.

Chase was already chasing in the social media but has come up to the limelight with the mom’s television series along with his total family. His appearance has a special charm for the teenage girls. He had gathered huge fans through his Twitter and Instagram account. Though time has not come yet when the world would sit to estimate his earnings but still it is not that negligible. Anyone would be astonished to see his awestruck earning potential. His net worth has an amazing height of $5 million dollars.

Early life

Chase was born to Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley on 1st June 1996 in South Carolina, United States. Chase is really a definite heartthrob for the teenage girls. He is considered to be a perfect lady charmer. From the very early part of his life, Chase is very much interested in athletics. Before being famous for the reality show, he wanted to a famous baseball player. It is normal that as a boy Chase has definitely gone to some institution for education. But there is no information available regarding Chase’s educational background. Furthermore, instead of having accounts on social media, he had not shared any report card of any school so far.

Family matters most to Chase, particularly Savannah who is his sister and niece Chloe is very special to him. Other than Savannah, Chase has three more siblings as Grayson, Kyle, and Lindsie. His family was already known to the world of television and to make the family drama a real success he too joined the show. Chase has grown up under the strict guidance of his famous father. Some he seems to be a miniature of Todd.


Some years ago the boy wanted to build his career in athletics, but something else was written in his fortune. He got into the world of television and overnight became famous. There is no sign that Chase would be returning to the fields to recreate his career in sports. Before getting into the sets of ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ he had tried to make an appearance in the small screen world. He was seen participating in many talk shows. ‘Steve Harvey’ is one such attempt where he tried his luck. This show was aired in 2012. Next year he came up with more enthusiasm and appeared in ‘The Real,’ a television show.

He got the limelight when he was regularly seen in the series of his mom and dad. He first makes his entry in the serial in 2014. The show was basically a real story of a rich family in Georgia, and the owner of the home is a wealthy real estate business tycoon, Todd Chrisley. Nashville, Tennessee is the place where the major portion of the show was filmed. Chase is known for his frequent mischievous acts and is kept under constant surveillance. His father is always busy in keeping his son under rigid supervision, and this adds to the dynamicity within the family, and the make the audiences enjoy the moments.

Chase is always into committing some mischievous act, and there is certainly no such episode that does not screen Chase’s troublemaking gestures. Creating trouble is the only intention Chase is attributed with and taking out the advantage of every situation has almost turned up to be his passion. He often influences his sister Savannah to participate with him in the creating the troubles and taking undue advantage of the situation. Chase is a most enthusiastic and favorite character on the family show, where his sister Savannah plays quite a prominent supporting role. The duo had decided to launch a brand new show that would be featured on them.

Chase Chrisley is known to people as the younger version of Todd Chrisley, his father. He had a fascination with making tattoos and had tattooed a verse of bible. But his parents are quite strict with their restrictions regarding their son’s gentle appearance. His parents have given strict orders of removing the tattoo, and Chase has gladly accepted their decision.

Personal life

Chase has been some time gone into the life of Brook Naury. The relation surged up in 2015 and was no more a reasonable engagement for both in the same year. His pleasant elegance has given rise to another story with Brielle Biermann. Chase confirmed that both know each other from ninth grade, but the affinity is no way possible even in the future.

Chase is religious minded and likes to spend time with his pet animals and posts the pictures on his Instagram account. He even introduces his pet as his own children. His dog’s name is Lilo and has his own Instagram account. He is having much interest in music and declares it proudly in the social networking site. He is much influenced by the rapper Jay Z who is listed among his favorite musicians. He is quite flamboyant with his comments on social media and regularly updates his activities.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Chase Chrisley

Date of Birth: 1st June 1996

Birth Place: South Carolina, United States of America

Age: 21 years

Profession: Television Personality

Height: NA

Weight: 58 Kg

Net worth: $5 million