DJ Quik Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

DJ Quik Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Our current text brings you a story about music and about the kind of music that has long been popular throughout the world. It takes a lot talent for music for this job and it’s very difficult to learn to do this job. There are many people in the world who deal with this music and who have become DJs, but few people managed to gain world fame.

In this text we are talking about one of these people who have managed to conquer the world scene with their music. We will talk about DJ Quik who started to work in this business during the 1990s. During his career, he made 8 albums and released many songs. He collaborated with many famous rappers, singers and managed to gain world fame.

His latest album was released in 2016, but he is still active in this music. During the 1990s, DJ Quik collaborated with famous rappers such as 2Pac and others, and then began to gain world fame. During his career, he experienced many ups and downs, but he always managed to get back on the right track.

His childhood life was not easy but he managed to build a career that brought him a lot of success and a lot of financial profit. In this text we will talk about his childhood, but also about the details of his career and his life. If you are interested in the life of DJ Quik then this text will bring you many interesting information.

Early Years

DJ Quik or David Marvin Blake was born on January 18, 1970 in Compton, California, USA. He grew up in a small apartment with his parents who had to do various jobs to fix the financial situation.

When he was 6 years old, David was left without a father who died. It was a very difficult time for him and his family and he lived alone with his mother. During this period he often had to spend time alone at home and he was not interested in learning. He did not have good grades at school but he discovered love for music when he was 7 years old.

His mother had a collection of different music albums and David became interested in music. After a short period of time, he wanted to learn to play instruments and wanted to enroll in a music school. When he was 10, he enrolled in a music school and learned to play several instruments. When he was 12 years old, he improved his knowledge, but he wanted to create his own music that would give the impression to the listeners.

When he graduated from elementary school, David, as a DJ, released music at many parties and birthdays in his city. He slowly began to prove his talent and his friends felt that he was very talented for this kind of music.

In 1987, DJ Quik made his first home-made mix tape. He graduated from elementary school when he released these mixtures and began selling his first project. His first mix tape went pretty well, because people from his city bought these mix tapes and tried to provide him with support in this business. He began to receive calls to perform throughout California and began to make his first financial profits.

During his performances there were shootings between gangs and people thought that David was involved in their gangs. He denounced it and said that his life was music and that he had never participated in criminal activities. During the high school, David was not devoted to learning and often left school. In the third grade of secondary school he was expelled.

He was not very disappointed about this, and he wanted to devote himself full to music. But then another nasty event happened because his mother lost her apartment. At that moment, David became a homeless person and had to deal in various ways.

He initially slept at the house of friends and relatives but later managed to raise money and occasionally sleep in different motels. For many years these were the most difficult for him because he had to take care of his life and had no roof over his head. He managed to do several jobs alongside music, and he managed to get on with it until he got his apartment.

In subsequent interviews, he stated that this was a very difficult situation for him, but that many people from his family were not there to help him. He said that they only contacted him when he became popular and when they heard of his music.


DJ Quik started his amateur career in the 8th grade of the primary school when he recorded his first home mix tape. After that he continued to deal with music and people thought that he would become very successful in this business. His first songs have achieved a lot of success in his city as well as in all of California. He started with concerts and during the middle school he had a lot of calls for performances.

At the beginning of 1990, David wanted to start professionally in music. Two production companies were interested in his work and he was in a dilemma with which the house started to cooperate. In the second half of 1990 he signed a contract with Profile Records.

This production house had great plans, but then David received a $ 1 million offer from Eazy-E to sign a contract with Ruthless Records. Profile Records had no other choice and had to agree to this offer and David signed a contract for another production house. In 1991, David released his debut album called “Quik Is the Name”. This album has reached great popularity and has been among the top 10 albums in the USA and has received much praise. This was his most popular album, and none of his later albums succeeded in achieving this success as his debut album.

David did not wait too much to release the next album, and in 1992 he released his second album called “Way 2 Fonky”. On this album, he collaborated with several famous rappers, and this album was among the top 50 in the USA. In 1995, DJ Quik released his third album, Safe + Sound, and this album was ranks 14th among top 50 albums. On this album, he collaborated with many famous rappers, as well as several pop singers. This album has achieved a lot of success and brought him a lot of financial profit. During 1996 and 1997 David collaborated with 2Pac and participated in his album.

He made several of his most famous songs in collaboration with DJ Quik and this brought him extra success. In 1998, DJ Quik released his 4th album, which was among top 30 best albums in the US. Many famous rappers and singers also found this album, and David became one of the most popular DJs in the world.

During the first 2 months, his album has been sold in over 400,000 copies worldwide. This brought him a lot of financial profits and he then managed to make a great financial life.

By 2015, DJ Quik released another 5 albums that have achieved a lot of success. After 2000, he made a short break in his career, but soon he continued to record music. From 2002 to 2008, he held over 70 concerts around the world and managed to earn a lot of financial profits. His latest album was released in late 2014 but has not achieved much success.

This album was ranked 140th among top 200 albums. In 2017 DJ Quik started a new album in collaboration with one less known DJ. This album is still not finished and it is not known when it will be over. Throughout his career, DJ Quik has made a big financial profit and is thought that he have earned between $ 15-20 million. During his career, he did not make many incidents and he mostly led a quiet life. He is one of the most famous American DJs and we hope that we will soon hear his new songs.

Personal Life

During his career, DJ Quik did not reveal many details about his private life. He generally led a quiet life and he currently has 2 children.

He is in a happy marriage and says he will continue to record new songs in the near future that will greatly appeal to his fans.

Quick Summary

Full name: David Marvin Blake

Date of birth: January 18, 1970

Age: 49

Birthplace: Compton, California, USA

Profession: DJ

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Net worth:  $15-20 million


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