Herbert Wright popularly known as G Herbo is a hip hop artist who stepped into the hip hop music world with his debut mix tape in 2014 named ‘Welcome to Fazoland.’

His birthplace being Southern Chicago, Herbo got raised in a rough and tough neighborhood which was named as the ‘Terror Town’ mainly because of its cruel gangs as well as many violent activities.

Early Life

G Herbo had been raised in a town of terror situated on the East side of Chicago and is greatly popular for its shootouts and gangs’ violent activities. Herbo considers Gucci Mane, Meek Mill, and Lil Wayne as people inspiring him to a great extent.

He is often found collaborating with his one of the nearest and dearest rapper friend, Lil Bibby. For the song entitled ‘Fausto,’ Herbo had collaborated with Chief Keef. All these mentioned rappers are said to be under a gang association named as N.L.M.B, the full form being ‘Never Leave My Brothers’.


In spite of all negative things that were going around him, he somehow managed to stay out of any kind of trouble and kept himself engaged in music. Lil Bibby is a very close friend of his, and this pair got collaborated and got the music tape released named as ‘Kill Shit’ which soon got viral and became an online sensation for all the music addicts out there.

Herbo’s debut song being ‘Kill Shit’ which was a collaboration with his one of the best mates, Lil Bibby, fetched attention of more than 15 million people on YouTube. As a result of this collaboration, this duo gained popularity among the international audience and became very familiar with the famous Canadian rapper Drake who further named the duo as ‘The Future.’ Herbo then released his own music tape ‘Welcome to Fazoland,’ honoring his dear mate Jason Robinson. Two years later, his second music tape got released which was entitled ‘Pistol P Project.’ After this, he was found collaborating with Nicki Minaj which made him gain a huge number of followers on Twitter.

Apart from being the Honorary Principal of the Chicago High School, Herbo got his new music venture named as ‘Welcome to Fazoland 1.5’. This release ceremony was held on St. Patrick’s Day and the entire event had been hosted by Don Cannon.

Additionally, it has been confirmed via sources that the rapper will soon be found getting collaborated with his mate from Chicago, Chance the Rapper for a brand new song this year itself. This pair was even spotted in a frame together which was posted on Herbo’s Instagram page. If concerts are taken into consideration, G Herbo has quite a number of concerts planned mainly in Colorado at Fox Theatre and Bluebird.

Personal Life

G Herbo is still single, but there have been a number of rumors regarding him dating Ariana Fletcher in 2016 who had been a former waitress. The famous and talented rapper then rejected such claims and answered somewhat answered to all the rumors by rejecting them on Facebook. As of now, there are no such reports on his love life.

G Herbo did not attend any college for graduation. During his teen years, he was a high school dropout as he was greatly focussed to his career as a rapper. It is very amusing to know that in the recent past, this dropout rapper was given a position of honorary principal at Soth shore Internation College Preparatory High School where he was blessed with an award and received a tribute from all the students and faculties of the school.

As the star has mentioned that his homies have named him ‘G Herbo’ in which ‘G’ supposedly stands for ‘General,’ which further implies his movement towards a leading position. Before using this name on stage, the rapper was familiar as ‘Lil Herb’ for a great number of years. He adopted the name ‘G Herbo’ sometime in 2015. He further explained this change of name in an interview where he denoted this transition as a great symbol of an evolution of ‘boy to a man.’ In spite of all these changeovers of names, Herbo stated of not abandoning his initial name ‘Lil Herb.’

Herbo still thrives in Chicago which has been revealed to the public along with pictures of his quarters where he actually lives. Herbo has been witnessed while driving his several luxurious cars in a number of his music videos. But later it has been reported that those vehicles shown in the video were actually not owned by the star.

Quick Summary

Full name: G Herbo

Date of birth:  October 8, 1995

Birth place: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Age: 22 years

Profession: Rapper; Musician

Height:  5 ft 9 in (176 cm)

Weight:  64 kg

Net worth: $ 1.5 Million