Marcus Lemonis is an american chairman & CEO of his big company.

His estimated net worth is 167$ million and it keeps on growing.

Early life

Marcus Anthony Lemonis was born on November 16, 1973 in Beirut, Lebanon. When he was very young he was adopted by the Greek couple Leo and Sophia who were living in Miami, Florida at the time. The reason why he was adopted is because during his childhood civil war and foreign invasion was in process.

Lemonis grew up in a family of successful people. His grandfather owned one of the two largest Chevrolet dealerships in the U.S. together with friend of the family, who was later a mentor to Marcus. Lemonis got his bachelor’s degree in political science and a criminology degree from Marquette University.

After his degree he unsuccessfully ran for the Florida House Representatives as a Democrat. After his failed political attempt he focused himself on the car industry.

Business career

He started his career with RV’s in the nineties, and continued working in this business until now. He got his first RV dealership in 2003.

He became the company CEO and soon his company merged with Camping world and a while later with Good Sam Enterprise. He now works as the company’s CEO. Lemonis is also the chairman of the company, which gives him a lot of profit annually.

Lemonis rebranded the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and made the company one of the top three sponsors. This sponsorship was set up for several years, which promises Lemonis big profit. Lemonis also works as an entrepreneur, and during his career he has helped many companies to get out of the gutter.

Lemonis was named the Newsmaker of the year, because he gave more impact to the industry than anyone else. He also received awards for being one of the youngest and richest entrepreneurs and businessman in the world.

Philanthropic work

Lemonis hasn’t forgotten about his difficult childhood. He now tries to help those in need and he supported many projects and organizations. He is well known for his philanthropic work and he continues to donate and fund different causes. He also encourages others to do the same.

His project Good Samaritan offers his employees a chance to volunteer for 32 hours for a cause that they find to be important. His company has around 7,000 employees.

His company is now worth around 3$ billion. He is on the position of a company’s CEO and also has the position of a company president. Around 6,000 people are now working for him and he is now responsible for around 25% of RV’s in the US. He is also a roadside assistance to the business Good Sam Enterprise.

TV personality

On NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice Lemonis featured his marketing related challenges. In this show Lemonis gave the contestants tasks they had to perform and he later graded their work. Lemonis enjoys appearing on TV and has been on many shows with similar theme as Celebrity Apprentice.

Lemonis participated in a show where he gave money out of his pocket to revive small businesses and get them back on their feet. This only shows his big love for entrepreneurship and economy. He finds innovative ways to make profit and to help others at the same time.

He invested more than 30$ million dollars in these businesses and he will keep on doing so, even though this kind of investment brings high risks.

Personal life

Marcus Lemonis was in a relationship with Bethenny Frankel since 2015. Media often discussed his sexuality since he lived alone for many years. His now wife, Bethenny, is an American reality TV personality and a talk show host.

Marcus and his wife live in Lake Forest and they have no children. They enjoy spending their time by themselves and cooking for each other. He knows that his parents could have chosen any child from the orphanage, and he is very grateful that he has been given this amazing life.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Marcus Anthony Lemonis

Date of Birth: November 16, 1973

Birth Place: Beirut, Lebanon

Age: 43 years

Profession: chairman & CEO of the Camping World & Good Sam Enterprise

Height: 1.82 m

Weight: 100 kg

Net worth: 167$ million